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Muslin Fabric 101

Simply, we tried to give you answers that people frequently searched over the internet. Our muslin fabric 101 will give you the answers you want to know about muslin.


What is muslin?

Muslin is a cotton fabric. It’s an elegant and expensive one. Muslin receives high praise and patronage throughout all centuries.


What is muslin fabric?

Muslin fabric is a fabric made with cotton fiber. It’s plain cloth. Muslin is lightweight, breathable, soft, and smooth.


What is muslin cloth?

Muslin cloth is a fabric made with cotton. There’re many types of muslin cloth, such as sari (a South Asian Dress), napkins, scarfs, curtains, makeup garments, blankets, swaddle clothes, and many more.


Muslin Fabrics

Muslin Fabrics


What is the difference between muslin fabric and muslin cloth?

There is an obvious difference between the two. Muslin fabric is an ingredient to make clothes. And muslin cloth is the final product of muslin fabric. There are many types of muslin cloth, and they have special purposes; say, for example, someone may wear a muslin sari for wedding, mothers use napkins and swaddle clothes for baby-care, and so on.


What does muslin fabric look like?

Muslin fabrics look like plain woven cloth. It’s very light in weight. In poetic language the woven flying on Air! Its texture is so elegant and special that’s make it expensive.


What is muslin fabric good for?

Muslin fabric is good for its texture, weight, softness, cozyness, and elegance. It’s transparent and makes anyone less sweaty.


What is muslin fabric made from?

Muslin fabrics are made from cotton fiber. And this particular cotton derives from Phuti Karpas. Phuti Karpas is widely grown at Kapassia in Gazipur (a district of Bangladesh).


What is muslin fabric used for babies?

Muslin fabrics are used as napkins and garments for babies. As it’s very soft and smooth, it does not harm babies’ sensitive skins. Moreover, swaddle clothes made by muslin are incredibly useful for taking care of newborn babies because of their soft texture.


Is muslin fabric good?

Muslin fabric is not only good; it’s the best. That’s why it was very expensive. It certainly does not harm human skin. Further, it makes you less sweaty.


Is muslin fabric eco-friendly?

Original muslin fabrics are surely eco-friendly as it’s made from cotton, which is biodegradable. Cotton easily decomposes into soil. However, if the fabric has some other elements as a fusion, like polyester, nylon, and other chemicals, then it might harms to the environment.


Why muslin fabric is so famous?

Muslin fabric is famous for its convenience, comfort, and elegance. The craftsmanship is incredible, a hand made beauty that no one can beat! Takes more than years to make a masterpiece. It makes anyone look gorgeous. The Dhaka muslin is the perfect example of Luxury over centuries. Therefore, royal families and the super-rich adore it all time.


Muslin Fabric 101

Muslin Fabric 101


How much does muslin cloth costs?

It actually varies from one type of cloth to other. But muslin clothes are generally expensive, say for example, one simple sari might cost more than 14000 BDT, which is equal to 140 US dollars. And if you want to buy fabric in yards, then you have to spend normally between 5 US dollars to 15 US dollars depending on the quality of the fabric.


How muslin fabric is made?

Muslin is woven on a loom from cotton. The ultimate quality of fabric actually depends on the quality of cotton. The best type of cotton fibers is from Phuti Karpas, which is cultivated widely at kapasia in Gazipur—a district of Bangladesh. Handweaving for a long time (usually takes 2 to 8 months) is used for producing muslin fabric.


Uses for muslin cloth?

There are numerous uses of muslin cloth. Muslin clothes are used in weddings, baby care, beauty care, photography, home décor, and so on. The affluent women want muslin clothes, such as sari, double gauze dress, scarf, very much. Muslin swaddle clothes and napkins are used for babies. Beauty-care industry uses face masks produced from muslin. Muslin backdrops are used in the photography industry. For home décor, different muslin curtains are used in windows and doors.


Where to buy muslin fabric online?

You can buy muslin fabrics on almost every famous shopping site. If you want to purchase yards or lengths of fabric, then you can go to Amazon and Moreover, you can buy different muslin clothes (dresses) from Etsy, AliExpress, Walmart, Alibaba, and so many.


What to do with muslin fabric?

Muslin fabrics are used to make different types of clothes and dresses for men, women, and babies. Muslin panjabies are for men; sari, gauze, salwar kameez, and so on are for women; and muslin swaddles, napkins, and towels are for babies.


Is muslin fabric soft, lightweight, breathable, absorbent, and sustainable?

Yes. Muslin fabrics are soft, lightweight, breathable, absorbent, and sustainable. This fabric is transparent, and its texture is very smooth. It’s made from cotton, which is a good absorbent. Cotton is also very sustainable in terms of durability.


Unbleached Muslin fabric

Unbleached Muslin fabric


Is muslin fabric good for summer?

Muslin fabrics are good for summer. This fabric is very soft, and light in weight. It makes you less sweaty and gives you much comfort.


Can you dye muslin fabric?

Yes, you can dye muslin fabrics. There’re several methods of dying on muslin fabric. One is in a natural way, like using tea for dying, coffee can also be used instead of tea. Another is the bucket process. Rit dye powder is widely used for dying purposes.


Can muslin cloth be reused?

Yes. Muslin clothes are reusable. But you need to wash them with caution. Washing can be done by natural ways and with machines. After washing, you can use the same cloth.


Can you print on muslin fabric?

Yes, you can. Digital printing on muslin fabric is very common. Your customized design is also printed on the fabric by a printer. Normally, Silk Screen Printing machines are at best in this business.


FAQ Muslin saree

FAQ: Muslin Fabric


Can you paint on muslin fabric?

Yes, you can. There are many types of painting available on muslin fabric. Among them, fabric paint and acrylic paint are the most common. Fabric paint is permanent but washable. Acrylic paint is also durable and dries very quickly. This form of paint is the best if fabric paint is not available.


Can you wash muslin fabric?

Definitely, you can. Muslin fabrics can be washed by both hand and machine. While during washing, cold water and soft detergent must be used. After washing, please hang your fabric to dry.


Does muslin shrink when washed?

Cotton is known to shrink after washing and drying it. And muslin is made from a type of cotton. So, muslin does shrink. It normally shrinks from 5% to 10%. Therefore, caution must be taken during washing and drying.


What are the poetic names of muslin?

Muslin is adored highly throughout all centuries by everyone, including from poets to kings and queens. Because of its high qualities and characteristics, it has several names, like Baft Hawa (Woven Air), Shabnam (Evening Dew), Ab-I-Ravan (Flowing Water), and many more. Ab-I-Ravan (Flowing Water) refers to Dhakai Muslin as it’s undoubtedly the best among all muslin fabrics available in the world.


What is green muslin fabric?

You can dye with whatever color you like on muslin fabric. White and off-white colors are the most common. But in recent times, green muslin fabric is also available in the market. A muslin fabric becomes green after dying it with green color.


Are all muslin fabrics 100% cotton?

Yes. All original muslin fabrics are 100% cotton. And they are expensive too. However, nowadays, polyester or cotton blend is used in weaving muslin fabric commercially in order to make muslin fabrics cheaper.


Where to buy muslin fabric offline in Dhaka?

Muslin clothes can be purchased from a number of shops in Dhaka. Among them, Aarong has a very rich collection of muslin. Sari, salwar kameez, panjabi, and many more dresses of muslin are available at Aarong.


Is muslin available in the world the same as Dhakai muslin?

No. Muslin is available in the world market. Many countries export muslin fabrics to the global market. Such muslin is cheap and much inferior to the original one. However, the original muslin still comes from Dhaka. It’s near to the original muslin, though it’s not 100% similar to that royal one.


What were the types of muslin fabric in the past?

There are several types of muslin fabric. One type is Mal-bush khash. It means ‘real fabric’. A better quality of this type was later invented, its name was Mal-mal Khash. Another one is Jhuna. It was for dancers. The third type is Abrawan, which means ‘water/flow’. Khassa is also another type of fine and thin muslin. Nyansookh, Buddun-khash, Surbund, and Dooria are also some other types.


What are the types of muslin fabric at present?

There are four main types of muslin fabric at present. One is gauze. It’s a lightweight and sheer form muslin, used for clothes and filters in the kitchen. The second type is mull—made from a combination of cotton and silk—used as underliners of the dress. The next type is swiss muslin. Warm-weather clothes are usually made from this fabric. The fourth and final type is sheeting, which is used in homewares.


What is the difference between muslin and cotton?

Original muslin is 100% cotton. This cotton derives from Phuti Karpass, which scientific name is Gossypium Arboreum (Neglecta). So, muslin fabric makes from a type of fine cotton. However, there’re many types of cotton available from which fabrics are made from but not Muslin quality! We can say for sure, muslin is 100% cotton, but not all cotton fabrics are muslin.


Does muslin fabric pill and fray?

Yes. Muslin fabrics pill and fray as it’s made by a loose weave. Pilling means appearing little balls of threads on the fabric. And Fraying means the broken fibers don’t tangle together, rather they form frayed edges (threads become visible on the fabric, staying straight or curved, but not forming little balls). When you use and wash muslin regularly, such problems do rise since cotton is subject to pilling and fraying. So, taking care of muslin is a must.


How to stop fraying and pilling on muslin fabric?

Fraying and pilling on muslin fabric is common and natural. You should accept this reality. However, if you keep several things in your mind and take care of your clothes, then fraying and praying will occur in late, meaning that you can use your clothes with much less damage (as almost intact) for a longer period. When you purchase muslin, choose the one with the tightest possible weave because the loose weave is easily under the condition of fraying and pilling. Please, use a fabric softener during washing since it provides a level of protection to your clothes.


What is a muslin quilt?

Muslin quilt is a type of blanket made from 100% cotton muslin fabric. It’s particularly for babies. It has natural antibacterial properties, which is why it provides health protection to your infants and toddlers. Furthermore, such blankets are lightweight and breathable which keeps your child cool and relaxed in hot weather (especially in the summer season). Muslin quilt blankets have many colors and sizes; but among them, white color and small-size blankets are very popular to mothers.


Conclusion: Muslin Fabric 101

We believe our muslin fabric 101 was helpful for You. If you have any other queries you can comment or send us a mail. We will answer. Our Muslin Fabric 101 will be regularly updated.

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