Best Muslin Tunic : A Complete Buying Guide

by | Dec 25, 2023

Muslin tunic is a type of top widely known for its comfortable fit and decent outlook. 

We’ve already tested more than 30 muslin tunic tops physically. It took us more than twenty days to complete our research. Finally, we’ve listed the best muslin tunic tops today, where WEKILI Scoop Neck A-line Tunic Blouse is the best overall option. 

Team Muslin Dhaka is a fashion marketing experts’ group with 27 years of cumulative experience. Our wardrobe stylists, fashion experts, and textile researchers worked hard for the past weeks to find the best muslin tunics through live tests and comparisons. 

So, let’s see which muslin tunics we got for you. 

How We Tested & Found best one?

Nowadays, there are various kinds of tunics like traditional, short, kutri, etc. Finding the best ones and testing them properly was a tough call. For that reason, we stormed onto the internet and shortlisted 19 cotton muslin tunic tops. 

They were selected based on many factors like customer reviews from several platforms, brand reputations, types of materials, sewing, quality, design etc. 

Our Shortcomings

After shortlisting the popular options based on past user experience, we faced 2 shortcomings in our research. 

The first one was that we couldn’t get all 19 products in our hands. Some were not available at that moment. 

Secondly, we didn’t cross check thread count, GSM, etc. However, we tried our best to manually observe the fabric quality and finish under bright lighting. 

Progress to Result

We had our own genuine muslin fabrics in our lab. We compared them with the test products. We measured the size and accuracy. Then, we gave it to our female colleagues to wear for a few days. 

After getting feedback from our members, we gathered all the data. Finding products with the highest test scores. 

We know there are different tastes and choices regarding muslin tunics. Some prefer exposing attire, while others stick to the ones that look decent. So, we made the final list in a way that almost all types of women would find her right option here. 

Best Muslin Tunic

Our Top Picks

We already shared WEKILI Scoop Neck A-line Tunic Blouse is currently the best muslin tunic top. The faded color finish is suitable for every season’s fashion. 

Then comes the Shiaili Heather Plus Size Tunic Top. We bet you can’t find anything better than this for a large size woman. It is true to fit with a very strong sewing pattern. 

And the second runner-up is Amoretu Scoop-Neck Tunic. If you’re into the flattering dress, then go for it without a doubt. 

Apart from those, there are 4 more tunics we found worth buying. Each of them offers some unique benefits that we will mention one by one. So that anyone can find the best muslin tunic. 

Here are the list of best muslin tunic : 

  1. Scoop Neck A-line Tunic Blouse by WEKILI Best Muslin Tunic Overall 
  2. Heather Plus Size Tunic Top by Shiaili Best Top for Plus Size Women
  3. Women’s Scoop-Neck Tunic by Amoretu Best Tunic for boldness
  4. Stone Printed Muslin Kimono by VivamaisonAtelier Best for Indoor Wear
  5. Summer Basic Tunic by LUSMAY Best Summer Top 
  6. Breathable Pocket Tunic by Cotton Flower Clothing Best for Regular Use
  7. Belted Cotton Poplin Button-Up Tunic by Alaïa Best Luxury Tunic

Best Muslin Tunic Reviewed

Now, let’s see what we found so good about our top choices. 

wekili tunic : best Muslin tunic

Scoop Neck A-line Tunic Blouse by WEKILI (Best Muslin Tunic Overall)


  • Blouse tunic
  • Long sleeve
  • Regular fit
  • Cotton muslin


Design4.85  / 5.00
Material4.70  / 5.00
Fitting4.75  / 5.00
Overall4.77  / 5.00


WEKILI’s muslin tunic dress is our top pick due to its flawless design and sheer comfort. The color is a faded semi-matt finish. It blends with any clothes and jewelry. 

The cuff and neckline areas are padded for added durability. So, your tunic dress remains fine after years of use. 

Although the fabric is durable, it is very thin and breathable. You won’t sweat wearing the muslin tunic even during summer. 

The lace below the length is the main attraction of this product. Unlike the sweatshirt tunic from the same brand, this wide lace features additional length. Enough to make you stylish despite wearing plain pants. 

What We Liked

  • Durable fabric
  • Great fit
  • Good for all seasons

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very thin fabric; might expose the undergarment lines

Our Verdict

There’s no such drawback that won’t let you buy this product. The tunic top dress is completely fine except for the thickness of the fabric. But it also has a solution. Why not wear a snug-fit tee shirt underneath?

Check products from Amazon

Shiali heather plus : best muslin tunic

Heather Plus Size Tunic Top by Shiaili (Best Top for Plus Size Women)


  • Regular tunic
  • Full sleeve
  • Regular fit
  • Cotton muslin


Design4.75  / 5.00
Material4.70  / 5.00
Fitting 4.80 / 5.00
Overall4.75  / 5.00


Black is the color that suits anyone on any occasion. This black tunic has an elegant look. The bottom area has an additional chiffon layer working as a lace. Onto some body shapes, it can also create a draping effect. 

The seller, Shiaili, understands the requirement for large women. Thus, you can see the below waist area is extra loose. This is called A-line sewing. So that the wearer can walk around without the hip and thigh area getting stuck. 

The wider bottom also hides belly fat. You can catwalk by wearing this type of muslin top with snug-fit jeans or regular pajamas. 

What We Liked

  • Multipurpose use
  • Comfy fit
  • Durable fabric

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not a good neckline

Our Verdict

Obviously, this is the best muslin tunic for plus-size women. The design isn’t too flattering. It is a decent wear to attend any social gatherings. You can also buy it for regular use. 

Check products from Amazon

amorteou scoop neck : best muslin tunic

Scoop-Neck Tunic by Amoretu (Best Tunic for boldness)


  • Plain Tunic
  • Long sleeve
  • Slim fit
  • Cotton muslin


Design4.70  / 5.00
Material4.70  / 5.00
Fitting4.75  / 5.00
Overall     4.72/ 5.00


At first glance, it might seem like a very normal tunic with nothing so special about it. But in reality, it’s very flattering. The smooth finish and texture of this product make your curves get exposed & attractive! 

The cotton muslin fabric feels layered over your skin without any gap. But don’t worry about comfort. The fabric is soft enough to keep you comfortable in most weather. Also, the armholes and neckline are perfectly cut for easy movement. 

You can also use this item for layering. Because the fitting won’t reveal to others how many layers you’re wearing. 

What We Liked

  • Scoop-neck is revealing
  • Make you attractive
  • Strong sewing
  • Soft finish

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can reveal the shape of the bra

Our Verdict

Although this is a good option for bosomy girls, Petites can also try this out to look stylish. The small amount of spandex makes the top stretchy enough to adapt your posture. But make sure you buy the right one. If you buy the shorter option of this tunic, you might feel suffocated.

stone printed muslin kimono : best muslin tunic

Stone Printed Kimono by VivamaisonAtelier (Best for Indoor Wear)


  • Kimono-style tunic
  • Full sleeve
  • Loose fit
  • Muslin


Design4.80  / 5.00
Material4.80  / 5.00
Fitting4.50  / 5.00
Overall4.70  / 5.00


Why use a regular loose-fit robe when you can get this lovely muslin tunic? It has a very unique construction compared to others. It’s a top with a slit like a Japanese kimono. 

This might not be an excellent option to wear outside. But you can ensure complete comfort inside your house. The print is stunning over the white muslin fabric. Surprisingly, even men will look handsome wearing this design. 

You need to tie the knot to wear this tunic robe properly. Giving a loose knot can let the cloth fall from your body. Apart from that, it’s suitable for comfort. 

What We Liked

  • Unique design
  • Double layer muslin
  • Fast dry
  • Handmade

What We Didn’t Like

  • Never a good option to wear outside

Our Verdict

Adults would love to wear this product for comfort. You don’t have to put on any pants or pajamas with this tunic. It keeps your body lightweight and dry. 

Check products from Etsy

lusmay summer basic : best muslin tunic

Summer Basic Tunic by LUSMAY (Best Summer Top)


  • Regular tunic
  • Half sleeve
  • Regular fit
  • Cotton muslin


Design4.60  / 5.00
Material4.60  / 5.00
Fitting4.70  / 5.00
Overall4.63  / 5.00


Most breathable muslin tops can be transparent or semi-transparent, even when dry. But this one isn’t. The solid color cotton muslin fabric can easily hide the color of your undergarment or innerwear. 

Because of the plain finish, you can use this summer top in winter. Any jacket or cardigan would look great with this vibrant color. Besides, no one will notice any fabric folds from above. 

Most importantly, the angled seam lines on the waist help to show your curves. You can enjoy your fancy outing wearing this tunic top. 

What We Liked

  • Non-transparent fabric
  • Breathable
  • Right amount of stretch

What We Didn’t Like

  • Fabric can wrinkle after some washes

Our Verdict

This dress is suitable for summer. Not by just fabric but by construction too. The short sleeve is just above the elbow joint. So air circulates properly. And you stay cool all the time. 

Check products from Amazon

breathable pocket cotton flower clothing : best muslin tunic

Tunic by Cotton Flower Clothing (Best for Regular Use)


  • Regular tunic top
  • Full sleeve
  • Loose fit
  • 100% Cotton muslin


Design 4.50 / 5.00
Material4.75  / 5.00
Fitting4.65  / 5.00
Overall4.63  / 5.00


There is nothing new to say about Cotton Flower Clothing. This brand is one of the trustworthy names. And this is their best tunic top up till now. 

The breathable pocket top is the better version of their previous item Empress Top. Unlike previous ones, this design has a very comfy neckline. It also has some curves in the seamline. Yet suitable for all body shapes. 

Most importantly, the length of this tunic is increased. So that you can style even wearing plain jeans or palazzo. 

What We Liked

  • Extended asymmetric length
  • Fine waffle texture
  • Soft feel

What We Didn’t Like

  • Seam Lines are mostly visible

Our Verdict

Women of any body shape can put it on for fashion and comfort. But curvy girls won’t be able to show their curves wearing it. They need additional knots or belts on the waist for a more flattering look. However, this option is suitable for daily life use.

Check products from Etsy

belted cotton poplin by Alia from Nordstorm : best muslin tunic

Belted Cotton Poplin Button-Up Tunic by Alaïa (Best Luxury Tunic)


  • Shirt-style tunic
  • Full sleeve
  • Regular fit
  • 100 % cotton muslin


Design4.80  / 5.00
Material4.75  / 5.00
Fitting4.75  / 5.00
Overall 4.77 / 5.00


This Italian designer tunic top is a gorgeous option to become the center of attention. The luxury item has a smooth finish that can glaze under the light. Even from the inside, the cotton muslin feels very soft and polite. 

The large waist belt is here to spice up your style and give a classic European vibe. Apart from the fabric, the manufacturer also ensured the quality of this belt. It’s pure leather. This material won’t tear or crack after several uses. 

What We Liked

  • Soft cuffs and collar
  • Unique fabric texture
  • Expansive add-ons like belts and buttons

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very expansive
  • Not a regular wear

Our Verdict

There’s no way someone can discourage people from buying this item. But keeping the price in mind, we suggest this item to only those who can afford it. It is the best choice to attend special occasions. 

Check the products on Nordstorm

Muslin Tunic Alternative: Round Neck Tunic Top by Newchoice


  • Casual tunic
  • Long sleeve
  • Regular fit
  • Mixed fabric (Rayon, polyester, and spandex)


Design4.70  / 5.00
Material4.50  / 5.00
Fitting4.50 / 5.00
Overall4.57 / 5.00


Those are not the only products we picked to find the best muslin tunic top. There were some products as well. Among them, some had great benefits. Sadly, they were not muslin dresses

NewChoice tunic is one of those items. The mixed fabric offers a fair amount of stretch and durability. Hence, no worry about fitting. 

Furthermore, slits at the bottom let you walk comfortably even if the tunic becomes extra long. 

The seam lines are also perfect. They make sure the fabrics stay in the right place. You will look great wearing this tunic top for any function. 

What We Liked

  • Soft and thin fabric
  • Durable color
  • Compatible with other usual wears

What We Didn’t Like

  • Runs a bit large

Check products from Amazon

Muslin tunic buying guide

How to Find the Best Muslin Tunic? Buying Guide

When you have the list of best muslin tunics, there’s nothing much to know. Yet, here’s a short buying guide so that you don’t have to stay in darkness about any facts. 


Most popular tunic tops feature muslin, cotton muslin, gauze muslin, cotton blend, and linen materials. 

Muslin and gauze muslin fabrics are the lightest options. They can be a bit see-through. But cotton muslin and other cotton blends are slightly thicker than pure muslin, which can also be an excellent option to wear solo in spring and autumn.

But pure muslin tunic tops are the most breathable options. For optimal fashion and showoff, muslin fabric is the most preferred option. 

 Now, you decide which option to buy and which benefit to negotiate.


The key aspect of a tunic dress is the loose or regular fit. It’s rare to see someone wearing slim or snug-fit tunic tops. 

One of the reasons is that tunics are for more decent looks. Even girls from the most conservative states prefer tunics just for the loose and comfy construction. 

But if you opt for tighter ones, try to buy a tunic one size smaller. You can do the reverse for an extra loose fit. 


Best muslin tunics have unique textures, prints, embroideries, pleats, laces, ruffles, etc. But there are some with a plain finish and nothing on it. 

No matter what muslin tunic features, the design remains minimalistic with no heavy add-ons. The most popular tunics have muslin textures or flat prints with laces. 

Seam lines

You can find both straight and angled seam lines in tunic tops. Straight seam lines are for the simpler fashion. But angled seams can be a bit catchy. They compress the waist area and extend other parts to show the figure.


Some tunics come with a few buttons. The button line usually stays on the chest. Then, there are Asian tunics with 2 or 3 buttons at the back. 

Besides, there are a few tunic kurits where you can find knots on waistlines to adjust the dress. 

Whatever you choose, almost all of them are easy to wear and style. 


Tunic tops are longer types of tops for women. The length always crosses the hip area. But sticks above the knees. 

The difference between the shortest and longest tunic tops is around 6-10 inches. If you are tall, go for the long ones. But don’t wear long tunics when your height is less than average. 


The modern design of a tunic consists of long or semi-long sleeves. But nowadays, you can even see sleeveless tunic tops for flattering style and summer fashion. Go for the sleeved tunics to make a traditional and classic fashion. On the other hand, sleeveless tops are good options for hot sunny days. 

Brand Reputation

Fashion and styling is all about making a statement. Then, why compromise in this matter? Wearing tunics from brands like Amoretu, Shiaili, WEKILI, Cotton Flower Clothing, etc., can portray your personality high. 

The exclusive designs and prints from these brands keep you trendy and beautiful. 

What’s more, branded items are reliable and durable. Rarely, there are cases of inferior products from reputed sellers. 


It varies. If you opt for plain short or semi-long tunics, you need to spend around $18-35$. 

But classic tunics with pure muslin texture and finish can even cost you around 50$. Luxury tunic tops start from 700 USD.

Why Muslin Tunic?

Have you wondered why we’re discussing muslin tunics when we already talked about the best muslin tops?

Although tunics are traditional tops, they have some unique facts, and that’s why people still go crazy for muslin tunics. Some of those reasons are:

  • The Muslin tunic top is a grey line between formal and informal dressing. You can wear it for both parties and formal events. 
  • You don’t have to think of your figure or shape to wear a muslin tunic.
  • Tunics are appropriate in any situation.
  • Muslin tunics are soft, comfortable, and breathable. They don’t stick to your skin and dry faster when you sweat. 
  • Styling with muslin tunics is easier. You can wear any type of pants, leggings, and pajamas with the tunic. Some even wear skirts with muslin tunics. 
  • Almost every tunic top goes under a jacket or cardigan smoothly. 
  • You can consider tunics as the ideal substitute for your button-down shirts when you intend to try something different. 

How to style with muslintunic? expert tips

How to Style with Tunic Tops? Expert Fashion Tips

If you don’t understand what to pair with your muslin tunic, then follow this short note:

  • Wearing knee-high boots or pencil heels can make you look tall and attractive when you wear a tunic. 
  • You can use an additional belt or knot over the tunic to look more curvy. 
  • Tight jeans or leggings with tunic tops are currently in trend. 
  • The best hack is to wear a fancy scarf or necklace to make the plain tunic neckline exotic. 
  • Goggles and hats with tunics make a great combo for summer wardrobe. 


Are the tunic and kurti the same?

Kurti and tunic are almost the same. Kurti dresses have some heavy designs and can be long enough to reach below the knees. But both types are made of either silk or cotton fabrics. One can use kurti and tunic interchangeably. 

How to care muslin tunic?

You can wash your muslin tunic top following the same method you use to clean your shirts and other tops. But if your tunic has sequins, laces, and flutter fabrics, you better use your hands to wash the dress separately. 

What country wears tunics?

Not too long ago, tunics were a key dressing option for South Asian women. But now, modern tunic tops are also famous among European and American women. Tunic tops became popular in those regions because they are comfy and suitable for girls of all sizes and shapes. 

Can short girls wear a tunic? 

Short girls can wear tunics but the small ones. Tunics come in different sizes and length options. Small girls need to pick the ones that don’t cross the thigh area. Wearing long tunics makes them look shorter. 

Are tunics formal or informal?

Tunic dresses can be both formal and informal. It depends on what you are pairing with a tunic top. You can pair plain pants with a tunic to look formal. Or, you can add a fancy scarf and ripped jeans with the tunic for informal styling. 

Can you wear a tunic with jeans?

Yes, you can. If you want to wear jeans with a tunic, ensure the jeans aren’t too loose. Otherwise, you’ll look bulkier. But the fitting won’t be an issue if you intend to wear pajamas. 

Our Verdict: Muslin Tunic

Let’s end our discussion here. You were TUNED IN to TUNIC for quite some time. It’s time to say our verdict. 

Muslin tunic tops are the right choices regardless of your age and shape. As a matter of fact, you can fill your closet with muslin tunics to use the whole year!

You already know the best muslin tops in the market. So, getting one today won’t be a hard nut to crack. There’s also our Buying guide to help you out. But if you still find it hard, choose the WEKILI Scoop Neck A-line Tunic Blouse without second thoughts. 

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