Luxury Georgette Fabric: A Delicate Touch of Sophistication

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Most of us raised in South Asian countries saw our mothers and sisters wearing georgette clothes. Still now, there is never a no from a woman to georgette fabric. So what is this georgette fabric? Is it very comfortable? Or does it look better than other fabrics? 

All the answers will be given in this article. We, the Muslin Dhaka team, are covering all the information about different types of georgette fabric today. We gained knowledge on this fabric by real-life experience. We also took help from some textile artisans, fashion designers in this matter. 

So, let’s explain everything one by one. 

What Is Georgette Fabric?

Georgette is a type of crepe fabric. Textiles with twisted natural yarns and crimped outlook are called crepe fabric. 

Georgette fabric has twisted yarns that create some amount of puckers and a unique gritty texture. It also comes with a slight lustrousness and sheen. 

In the beginning, georgette meant a silk fabric very similar to chiffon. Some even say that the creation of georgette fabric was inspired by the craze of chiffon back in the 20th century. 

However, modern-day georgettes can also be made of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and rayon. These fabrics also have another name, faux georgette fabric. 

It is true that georgette does look similar to silk chiffon. But it is not as transparent as chiffon. The weave here is pretty dense. The type of drape is also different here. 

In short, georgette is a semi-sheer or opaque fabric that has a matte-gritty finish with less sheen than other silk fabrics. 

Industrial NameGeorgette Fabric
OriginFirst introduced in France during the 20th century
Other NamesOnly georgette
ConstructionS and Z twisted yarns are densely woven and dyed with puckered texture
Weight35-90 GSM 
ColorCan have any type of prints and colors
Moisture AbsorbanceFast like other silk fabrics
WeavingPlain weave; satin weave sometimes
Heat InsulationNone
Shrinkage RatioLess than 4% approximately
UsageLuxury fashion, casual wear, home decor, accessories, etc.


What Is Georgette Fabric Made of?

What Is Georgette Fabric Made of?

The primary material of crepe fabrics like georgette is silk most of the time. However, there are synthetic and semi-synthetic versions of georgette fabrics too in the market. 

Rayon and polyester are the two popular synthetic materials to make georgettes. The cost is one-fourth of the price of silk georgette fabric. But these materials make textiles with compromised features. 

A surprising fact is, cotton georgette is getting popular day by day. Although cotton types might not be so lustrous and silky. People still prefer it because it’s organic. You can find more details about such fabric in our article on types of cotton fabrics

There was another type of georgette known as half silk. Weaving silk yarn with another type of yarn was the construction of this fabric. The term half silk is now globally recognised as dis-use. We have to identify the other yarn.

History of Georgette Fabric

History of Georgette fabric

It’s been almost a hundred years since georgette silk was first introduced. 

Madam Georgette de la Plante was a French fashion designer. She was quite popular in her prime time. During the 1920s, several of her exclusive designs dominated the European market. 

At that time period, she showed the world a new type of chiffon-like fabric also made using silk yarn. The purpose of making that fabric was to provide something that might look luxurious like chiffon. But should be less sheer and delicate than the net fabric. 

The fabric was named after its creator, Madam Georgette. Within a decade after its launch, the fabric became the first choice for women’s apparel. Women who didn’t want to wear revealing clothes loved this fabric. As it hid most of the skin and created decent silhouettes. 

After 1970, polyester georgette and other synthetic georgettes also gained their own markets. The main consumers of faux (synthetic) georgette were general people who could not afford silk. 

Before the beginning of the 21st century, the demand for both silk and synthetic georgette dimmed in Western countries for some unknown reasons. Even so, this textile is ruling the market of eastern nations like India, China, Bangladesh, and some other Middle Eastern countries. 

Why Is Silk Georgette a Luxury Fabric?

Luxurious silk georgette

The first and foremost reason for silk georgette fabric being a luxury item is the material, pure silk. 

We’ve already said while reviewing chiffon and taffeta that producing silk is very time-consuming and costly. That’s why the availability is too low against the demand. So silk textiles are expensive. 

Another reason silk georgette is expensive is the teasing fashion. The fabric doesn’t reveal too much of the body. But gives a hunch of the figure. It allures the viewer to divert most of the attention. The rich finish also takes part in this trick. 

How is Georgette Fabric Made?

The production process of georgette is pretty simple. It’s like making any other plain weave fabric. The only exception is twisting the yarns for a unique outlook. 


If the material is silk, the producer needs to collect cocoons from sericulture farms. Then, the cocoons turn into long raw fibers. They are spun, cut, and treated to make usable silk yarns. 

But for polyester, factories convert polyester filaments into fibers. Then, the fibers go through the spinning machine. After that, polyester yarn is created. 


Several plain georgette fabrics are yarn-dyed. After collecting the yarn, factories dye the yarns with desired colors and shades. 

But there are some types of georgette that dye or print after weaving. 


georgette texture

After the yarns are ready, they are S-twisted and Z-twisted. So that they can give a puckered look after weaving. 


The primary method to create georgette fabric is plain weave. Apart from that, there have been sateen georgette and jacquard-loom georgette in the market for the past few years. 

Georgette Fabric Characteristics

Most of us can imagine or guess the properties of georgette fabric. Still, to clear the concept, here’s a little brief. 


georgette Yarns

We only tested silk georgette fabrics. The samples we collected for testing have plain weave construction. One weft yarn goes over the first warp yarn. Then, go under the next one, and so on. It is called a 1X1 plain weave. 

The weaving is pretty dense compared to other sheer luxury fabrics. 

The yarns are also twisted as expected. The fabrics have puckered surfaces by tightly weaving the twisted yarns. 


The amount of sheen here is comparatively low. The range of shimmer is also insignificant. 

That’s why the fabric is called a dull type of silk. You can also consider it a matte finish. 


georgette texture

We told you earlier that this textile has a gritty texture. Grit means a sand layer on top of any smooth surface. 

But the grittiness in georgette isn’t too harsh like sandpaper of course. It’s like the one-day-old dust layer on your study table.  The texture treats your skin very well. 


We realized that the georgette is not as soft as the chiffon fabric. The reason might be the dense weaving. But it is soft enough even for the bikini areas. 


Georgette is a comfortable fabric for the wearer, not for the tailor! The slippery fabric clings to your body decently. The texture won’t sting your delicate skin. 

The problem with sewing is also the slipperiness. It’s hard to hold on to the sewing machine. 


georgette breathability

The breathability is 2/3rd of the chiffon fabric. It is almost similar to thin cotton voile fabric. 

Another cotton fabric muslin is 30-40% less breathable than pure silk georgette fabric. So, you can tell the airiness is in between chiffon & muslin. That is quite pleasing for the summer season. 

Heat Insulation

It’s foolish to expect heat insulation from a sheer fabric no matter how densely woven it is. We found that this fabric reduces body temperature quickly and keeps the wearer cool (opposite of heat insulation). 


Faux georgette fabrics don’t stretch. Only silk ones do. But there are spandex-infused georgette fabrics that can stretch like jersey fabrics.

Moisture Absorption

Silk and cotton georgette absorb moisture within a few seconds. Faux versions take some time. 

yard of silk georgette fabric can get completely wet in a saucepan within 3-5 seconds. After getting soaked in water, the weight of the fabric tells that a sheet can absorb water 20-30% of its weight. 


georgette see through

You can see through a georgette curtain. But you only get a vague idea of what’s behind

The ability to create fine silhouettes is a positive side of this fabric. Even if the fabric snugs with your body, it’s hard to make your skin mostly visible. 


georgette thickness

The dense weave has obviously increased the thickness. But the thickness is less than cotton fabrics for blouses and shirts. 


We assume the shrinkage ratio of silk georgette is less or equal to 4%. But synthetic georgette fabric won’t show any sign of shrinking anytime soon. 


The easter egg benefit of georgette fabric is it offers both drape and clinginess to the body. 

The bouncy type of drape makes even the simplest fabric look good. 


If the discussion range is between only silk fabrics, then you can say the textile is durable. However, it is still prone to get cut easily. It can also snag if not cared for properly. 


Clothing georgette fabric always weighs below 100 GSM. The ideal weight range of georgette is 35-90 GSM.

Color Retention

georgette color retention

A study shows that dyes or prints on georgette silk would remain well for around 2-4 years. But the condition is you need to keep the fabric away from excessive heat. 


Luxury fabric always requires careful handling. You can’t wash your georgette saree with other clothes. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Georgette Fabric

georgette fabric pros & cons

Now, let us talk the pros and cons of this amazing fabric. 


  • Durable than sheer luxury fabrics
  • Sheer, yet elegant without any layering
  • Good luxury option for conservative demands
  • Rich and unique texture
  • Price slightly reduced recently
  • Good for summer, spring, and autumn
  • Great color retention
  • Versatile usability


  • Hard to sew
  • Sensitive to heat
  • Difficult to clean

Different Types of Georgette Fabric

types of georgette

There are 6 types of georgette in the market: 

Silk Georgette Fabric

This is a real luxury item. Silk georgette performs better than any other type of georgette in the market. They are used to make exclusive designer dress and bold wear. 

Faux Georgette Fabric

Synthetic or semi-synthetic materials make faux georgette fabric. They offer added durability. But the finish and texture don’t look that rich. This fabric is used to make regular wear like tops, blouses, maxis, midi skirts, scarves, etc. 

Double georgette fabric

If you find traditional georgette thin, you can try double georgette that has twice the weight and density of a normal georgette sheet. It’s more opaque than transparent. It is good for spring and winter fashion. Also, the fabric makes good curtains, shams, etc. 

Satin Georgette Fabric

When georgette is woven in sateen weave, it becomes more matte. The satin georgette feels smoother and shinier than even chiffon. 

Jacquard Georgette Fabric

If the fabric is made using the jacquard loom, the fabric is called jacquard georgette fabric. The construction comes with added strength. You can also use it for home decor and fashion. 

Stretch Georgette Fabric

Adding 2-5% spandex or elastane makes the georgette fabric more stretchy. Stretch georgette fabric makes great casual outfits. 

Organic Georgette Fabric & Sustainability

Cotton and silk georgette fabrics are biodegradable. The natural fibers easily degrade under the soil. Most of the time, the dyes on these natural fibers also remain toxin-free. 

The better decision is to purchase textiles with organic certificationsAlthough organic-certified products cost 10-20% more than other natural fiber fabrics. They are safe for both you and the environment. 

What is Georgette Fabric Used for?

georgette fabric uses

Georgette is a versatile fabric like denim. Most importantly, any type of fashion goes well with this fabric. Whether you’re looking for something sensual or very formal, the fabric will do the job pretty well. 

Occasion Wear

A good example of bridal fabric is georgette. The simple, yet elegant plain georgette can make the bride stand out from other guests. 

You can also host your promotion or birthday party wearing a georgette blouse or midi. 

Casual Wear

People attend class or meetings wearing a georgette dress. The outlook isn’t too flattering. But the A-line or peplum top surely makes the wearer stylish. 


Silk georgette lingerie makes the wearer look sensual in every way. There are also nightgowns and evening wear with crepe georgette fabric that can work well in the appealing part. 

Traditional Dress

After cotton, georgette sarees and kurtis are the top choices of South Asian women. The prints and embroidery over the georgette fabric fit firmly.

Home Decor

The weight can create a fair amount of drape in this fabric. You can try georgette curtains to enhance the interior. Embroidered or sequined georgette pillow covers also change the scenario of your bedroom. 


Veils, dupattas, shawls, hair bands, etc. are also made of georgette fabric. Georgette veils are very lightweight. Putting one over your kurta won’t suffocate at all. 

How to Care Georgette?

Here are some tips for washing and cleaning georgette fabric. 

How to Wash Georgette Fabric 

  • Hand wash the fabric
  • Soak the fabric in cold water with detergent for 30-45 minutes before cleaning
  • After cleaning with soapy water, rinse again with only cold water
  • Don’t wring
  • Instead of clips, use a hanger

How to Iron Georgette Fabric

  • Stretch a little and make the cloth flat
  • Put a thin cotton fabric over the georgette
  • Sprinkle some water on the cotton
  • Start pressing using low or mid-heat. 

How to Remove Stain from Georgette Fabric

  • Make the stained area wet with cold water
  • Rub some detergent mixed with stain remover
  • Don’t use a brush, use your hands to scrub
  • Let the detergent settle for 15 minutes
  • Wash with cold water, at last
  • Take the cloth to the laundry if the stain is very stubborn

georgette fabric by the yard

Georgette Fabric By The Yard

The price of pure silk georgette starts from 25$ per yard if the seller is renowned. But you can get some discounts or offers from stores when you purchase a large number. 

High-quality georgette tops will cost more than 80$. But designer ones can cost between 150-500$ on average. 

5 Best Stores to Buy Georgette Fabric Online

When we were looking for some georgette fabrics online, we found these sellers to be promising: 

  • Nordstrom: for top-notch georgette dresses
  • Bridal Fabrics: exclusive silk fabrics for events and parties
  • Pure Silks US: for pure silk fabrics in a decent price range
  • Etsy: faux and silk georgette fabrics for regular use
  • NY Designer Fabrics: High-quality crepe georgette fabrics

You will get affordable options from Amazon.


Which lining is best for georgette fabric?

Polyester lining is the primary choice here. But you can also try polyester-cotton blend lining for georgette

How to remove oil stain from georgette fabric?

Use dishwashing liquid or hard vinegar to rub the stained area. Let the vinegar or liquid set for half an hour. Then, wash it with cold water. 

Is georgette fabric good for summer?

Yes, georgettes are good for summer. They are pretty breathable. They also weigh less than other clothing fabrics. 

Final Thoughts

We just made your concept crystal clear by answering all the questions about Georgette. Now, you can easily identify the original georgette fabric. And spend your money in the right place. 

To know more about expensive fabrics Do not miss the Luxury articles!

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