How to Make a Muslin Duvet Cover? DIY : An easy guide

by | Aug 15, 2023

If It’s very hard to find the best muslin duvet cover for your bedding, you better make your own. Wanna learn how to make a muslin duvet cover? Ordering custom duvet covers often cross the expected budget and cost more than regular ones. Making your own might save some bucks. It’s a fun as well.

Today, we, the Muslin Dhaka team, are sharing a short and easy method for you to prepare a cover for your duvet/comforter using the muslin fabric sheets. So, You can easily learn How to make a muslin duvet cover? DIY.

Our team has engaged with muslin and other famous fabrics marketing worldwide for over a decade. We’re giving you information based on real-life experience and expertise. Apart from that, I’ve recently made a muslin duvet cover at home. It is a durable duvet cover with smooth color & catchy design.  I can easily guide you from that experience, making a muslin duvet cover efficiently. 

Thus, stack till the end of today’s article to learn the right methods and techniques of DIY – Making a muslin duvet cover methods and techniques.

How to Make a Muslin Duvet Cover? DIY Method

Let’s cut to the chase; it’s time to show you how to make your duvet cover without spending too much on branded products from the market. 

You won’t need anything special to make a muslin duvet cover at home. All you have to do is collect the items listed below and follow my step-by-step guide to prepare a ready-to-use duvet cover within an hour.

Things You Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Scissor
  • Quilting pins
  • Interfacing strips
  • 2 Muslin sheets
  • Zipper or poppers
  • Sewing machine

Step-by-Step Guide

Take the measurements

First, measure the blanket, comforter, or other stuffing you want to fill inside the duvet cover. Note the measures and add 5 cm to the width and 20 cm to the length. 

Recalculate with additional areas.

Including the additional width and length, calculate again and buy 2 muslin sheets accordingly. The additional length and width would provide space for sewing lines, zipping, bordering, etc. 

Prepare the muslin

Now, cut two muslin sheets following the previously set dimension and iron them to prevent wrinkles. When the muslin cloths are ready to work on, place the sheets on one another so that both parts seem inside out. 

Start sewing

Check if they are properly placed. Then, temporarily attach them using quilting pins. 

Take this unstitched duvet cover to the sewing machine and sew. Ensure the sewing line keeps at least a 2-3 cm gap from the edges. Only the mouth of the cover should the main unstitch till the end.

Resew for sturdiness

After that, turn around the cover. Bring the exterior outside and sew again, keeping at least 0.5-1 cm from the edges. Flip the cover again and bring the inside out. 

Use iron-on interfacing on the mouth

It’s time to prepare the mouth of the cover. For that, measure how wide the mouth is after sewing. Cut two interfacing strips equal to the mouth width. Remember, the strips should be 2-3 cm wide. 

Fold the mouth along with the interfacing strips

Place the interfacing on the top of the unstitched area of both sheets of the cover and press with iron equally. After ironing, the interfacing would seem stuck on both mouth parts. 

You can now easily give 3-4 folds to the mouth along with the interfacing strips. But make sure not to fold too much so that the length of the cover becomes short. 

Lock the mouth border

After folding:

  1. Iron the mouth again and sew sharply following the border so the fold doesn’t open anyway.
  2. If the border is set, shrink the mouth opening from both corners.
  3. Attach top and bottom by 10-15 cm long sewed lines over the main sewer line to make the border.

Flip again to reveal the complete duvet cover

When the mouth is shortened, you can finally flip and bring out the main exterior of the duvet cover outside. The cover is almost complete with any sew lines exposed and the mouth is small to ensure the stuffing doesn’t come out easily. 

Attach zipper or button to finish things off

Now for the final touch, attach either 3-4 poppers or a zipper to seal the cover mouth. If you’re attaching poppers or popping buttons, don’t forget to keep an even distance between every two buttons. 


How much fabric do you need to make a twin duvet cover?

You would need approximately 12 yards of muslin fabric to make a twin-sized duvet cover. Which means, around 6 yards of fabric sheet is required for each side of the duvet cover. 

What kind of fabric do you use to make a duvet cover?

Mostly cotton fabrics are used to make duvet covers. You can use organic cotton, 100 percent muslin, bamboo muslin, linen, silk, etc. to make fancy duvet covers by yourself. 

Can I use a duvet without a cover?

No, it’s unwise to use a duvet without a cover. Duvet covers protect the inner fillings from dust, stain, and tears. Without them, duvets won’t last long. 

Summary:How to make a muslin duvet cover? DIY

The methods we’ve collated in this article can also be used to make duvet covers using other materials like mixed cotton, linen, silk, etc. 

In short, it’s a complete mini handbook to make homemade duvet covers. Then, why are you worrying about the price or quality of muslin duvet covers? Follow this real-life method and go for your own. 


Shariful Alam

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