Muslin Face Cloth Review: The Complete Guide for 2022

by | Sep 5, 2021

Muslin Face Cloth


We put a lot of attention to the ingredients of our creams but not when it comes to wiping them. Our Muslin Face Cloth review tells you everything about them.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who deeply crave cleansing routines — and those who give little thought to skincare products. For the former, like me, neglecting your skin is a cardinal sin. If you are reading this, you are probably one of us.

Being a massive fan of everything cleanse-related, I have a vast collection of muslin face cloths. From removing make-up to gently exfoliating the skin, they are the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Are you still using the same old washcloth and cleansing brushes? Here is why you should give muslin clothes a go.


Muslin face Cloth

Muslin Face Cloth.


Elevate Your Skin From Meh to Glowing


If you read this article, you might wonder, “what are muslin clothes?”. Let me change your life for the better and show you what you are missing out on. Muslin is soft and 100-percent cotton cloth. Because of their gentle and absorbent fabric, these clothes are a must-have to clean your face for deeply cleanse. Different skin types are not favorable for traditional washcloths. For facial brushes or gently exfoliating sensitive skin muslin cloths are considered better than any other facial cloths.

The need for a cleansing routine is beyond question. Though there are plenty of options out there, cotton cloths are one of the best on the market. What are the possible uses of organic muslin face cloths?


  • Gentle exfoliation


Are you looking for skin-sloughing satisfaction? Muslin cloths are ideal for removing dead skin cells. Though our skin sheds dead cells naturally, the older we get, the longer it takes for this process to happen. That’s why exfoliating is necessary to buff them all away. Letting the dead cells sit leads to many complexion concerns. All in all, exfoliating your face with muslin cloth will make your skin smoother and brighter. Muslin cloth can be the heroes of any good exfoliation.


  • Cleaning your face


The tightly woven fabric of a muslin cloth doesn’t only erase every last trace of excess make-up. It also sweeps off dirt, impurities, and excess oil. Unlike many washcloths and brush heads, it deeply cleanses your face while being highly sanitary. The 100% cotton fabric on these cleansing clothes dries faster and doesn´t allow bacteria to grow. You might hear the famous eve lom muslin face cloth!

There are many skin types but for any, if you over scrub or use a washcloth that is not gentle that could cause skin irritation. Muslin cloth is so gentle & works perfectly as balm cleansers and even for sensitive skin.


  • Making face masks


Would you like to go to a spa, but you can’t afford it? You can dip this product into warm water, squeeze it and place it on your face. This steam sesh will not only relax you but will also open your pores. Incorporating steaming facials can be highly beneficial for your skin.


Muslin face Cloth

Muslin Face Cloth


The nitty-gritty


There are only two things to take into account when using muslin. First of all, we need to be careful while exfoliating. While these muslin cloths are for every skin type, people with sensitive skin have to be careful not to over scrub.

Adarsh Vijay Mudgil, a board-certified derm and medical director of Mudgil Dermatology in New York City, suggested exfoliating gently to avoid irritation.

Secondly, muslin cloths will harm your skin if you don’t clean them properly. Dirt and skin cells on your cloth can spread all around your face. So, beware of this disgusting problem. Moreover, clothes are more environmentally friendly than other products. By using them, we avoid wasting on wipes, which are incredibly bad for the planet. These organic cotton cloths can be washed and reused plenty of times.


Benefits of Muslin Cloths for Skin

  • Gently exfoliates
  • Increases collagen production
  • Deeply & Smoothly cleaning
  • Reduces inflammation


What Products Should Use With Muslin Cloths?


Muslin face cloth does the best partnership with cleansers, especially with oils, balms, and toners. using it with a lotion or cream would waste the product because a major part of that will be absorbed by the cloth.


9 Best Muslin Face Cloth

  1. EcoTools Muslin Polishing Cloths
  2. Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloths
  3. The Body Shop Organically Grown Cotton Muslin Cleansing Cloth
  4. Pai Exfoliating Organic Muslin Face Cloth
  5. Eve Lom Muslin Cloths
  6. Aurelia Monday to Sunday Bamboo Muslins
  7. Pai Dual Effect Sensitive Skin Cloth Pack
  8. Colleen Rothschild Muslin Cleansing Cloths
  9. SHIFFA Organic Muslin Cloth


Take Away: Muslin face cloth


Are you still unsure about switching to muslin face cloths? Are you too attached to your washcloths? Keep in mind that even the softest terry cloth is more abrasive than muslin. The cotton fabric of muslin cloths makes it harder to scrub. So, if you have delicate skin, you should for sure consider using muslin cloths instead.

The many ways in which you can use a muslin cloth make it a unique product. These bright clothes can be used either dry or wet and with or without other products. Muslin cloths pair very well with everyone’s favorite cleanser, like oils and balms and toners.

Whether you are looking to further improve your exfoliation habits or for a new product that will enhance your cleansing routine, I highly recommend you start using these clothes. Are you a fan already?


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