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by | Sep 10, 2021

Are you designing the baby’s room? Transform the stressful nesting days into fun, memorable moments. Read on to see how muslin crib sheets make any room come together.

We, Muslindhaka team, having 26 years cumulative experience in fashion marketing sharing our wisdom with you.

In this article, you will know the Muslin crib sheets for your baby.

Preparing for Baby with Muslin Crib Sheets

Setting up your baby’s nursery is both rewarding and stressful. Have you already made a checklist? Let’s go through it: the crib, the mattress, the rocking chair, the changing table, aren’t you missing something? There is one essential that almost everyone forgets about: yes, muslin crib sheets. Just like you, babies need comfortable sheets for a good night’s sleep. For sure, a fitted sheet that correctly covers your tot’s mattress is a must-have.

On average, parents have between three and four crib sheets. If you want to be prepared for anything that comes your way, mostly puke, it’s best to have many of them. Don’t get me wrong; there is no need to over-buy. But you should have the necessary amount to deal with any unpredictable mess. Besides, there are plenty of fabrics to pick from. Breathable and soft-to-touch, muslin is the best material to lay your little one on.

As an expectant parent, there are many preparations you need to make for when the baby comes. You must be feeling overwhelmed, are you not? We get it. That’s why it’s high time we step in to help you make informed purchases. Take a deep breath and arm yourself with our top picks of muslin crib sheets. Read on to learn more about muslin, crib sheets, and the best baby bedding on the market. Based on price, quality, and prints, our suggestions will come in handy.

Why Is Muslin a Perfect Fit for Your Baby?

The textile industry offers plenty of fabrics from different origins. While some come from animals, such as wool and silk, others originate from plants, like cotton and bamboo. There is a fabric for everyone’s taste. It just depends on what you are looking for. When it comes to baby items, babies need a breathable, lightweight, and super soft fabric. Do you know which material counts with those characteristics? You guessed it: Muslin, of course.

Made using the simple wave technique, this fabric provides soft breathability to the baby bedding. This organic cotton material prevents babies from overheating and becomes softer with each wash. Only by touching this fabric will you realize it is as soft as a mother’s touch. With muslin crib sheets, you can rest assured that your baby will be cozier than ever.

Without a doubt, muslin fabric is a no-brainer for anyone wondering which fabric to buy. We have already told you the many reasons why we love muslin. Now the only question is: which muslin crib sheets are you going to choose? If you have seen the sea of options, you probably know the answer to this question isn’t easy. It’s only natural that you need a helping hand to pick the perfect crib sheets for your baby. So, shall we get started?

Our Top Picks of Unbeatable Muslin Crib Sheets

When buying crib sheets, there are a lot of features you have to consider.  You and your baby will spend a lot of time in the nursery, so it is imperative that you love everything about the sheets. From their prints to their fabric, all details matter.

Let’s see which of our top picks work best for your family. Here you have the best of the best on the market:


Aden + Anais Essentials Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet

Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet Aden + Anais


  • Aden + Anais Essentials Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet

 This is the brand we all know and love. If you have never heard about them, have you been living under a rock? Their Essentials Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet is excellent for all weathers. It keeps your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Moreover, this sheet works perfectly for standard-size cribs.

However, they will be too big for a mini crib. Each cotton sheet is 28 x 52 x 10 inches. Its elastic trims will prevent the sheet from getting off the crib mattress. Besides, this sheet comes in a wide range of prints. If you are looking for high-quality and adorable products, look no further! Aden + Anais is most parents’ top choice.


Pottery Barn Kids Scandi Starburst Organic Crib Fitted Sheets

Organic Crib Pottery Barn Kids


  • Pottery Barn Kids Scandi Starburst Organic Crib Fitted Sheets

 Have their sheets made in black and white, completely gender-neutral? So, if you are planning to wait until birth to know the gender of your little one, these minimalistic sheets are a great choice. They work on mattresses up to 10-inches deep, and their elastics make it easier to stretch them.

The best part about these products is that they are 100 percent cotton and are tested for GMO. So, they are free of toxic bleaches, dyes, and any other chemical that might harm your baby. If you worry about safety, these are a must-have in your baby crib.

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Crib Sheets (1)

Cotton Muslin Crib Sheets Little Unicorn

  • Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Crib Sheets

 Do you want your nursery to be full of fun and color? Then, Little Unicorn is the perfect brand for you. They sell the most playful prints: flowers, dinosaurs, prickle pots, and more. You name it, and they will have it. If you pick this brand, your baby will for sure have fun with you as a parent.

Little Unicorn offers lightweight and breathable sheets in a standard size. Moreover, they get softer with every wash, and we all know you will be doing a lot of washing. We all want our babies to be stylish and bright people. Shouldn’t we set an example by uniquely decorating their nursery?

Organic Muslin Crib sheet Burt's bee

Organic Muslin Crib sheet Burt’s bee


  • Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet

 Your baby will spend plenty of time in their crib; you should consider buying sheets made from the safest materials. Otherwise, GMO cotton sheets might hurt their skin. These products are crafted from 100 percent organic cotton. This means they are free of all toxic chemicals.

Additionally, this brand’s designs are not only beautiful, but they are also machine washable. This means they won’t get ruined after a couple of washes. They won’t get damaged! It does not matter how many times you wash them; as a matter of fact, they will become softer after every wash.

Muslin crib sheets : what to see before buying?

We should see a few things before buying the best muslin crib sheets. They are brand reputation, size, materials, organic, price etc.

Definitely brand is always a matter especially for child products. We need to check the size. For sensitive skin, Organic Muslin crib sheets are better. The return and refund policy is also crucial for online purchase.

And last not least, we need to check the price to get the best value.

The Bottom Line: Muslin Crib Sheets

With all this recently acquired information, are you ready to hit the stores? Even though purchasing for a newborn can be overwhelming, to say the least, don’t let the fear stop you. It takes lots of time and research, but you will for sure find the perfect crib sheets for your baby. Just grab our list of first-rate products, and let’s do some shopping!

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