Magical Supima cotton fabric : A Compete guide

by | Dec 4, 2022

Are you looking for the softest and strongest cotton in the world? Big words, huh?

Well, these words are precisely the right ones when describing Supima cotton. This cotton’s extra-long fibers make it a unique and high-quality fabric. 

Produced only in the USA and constituting only 1% of the world’s cotton production, Supima is considered the best quality cotton in the world.

 So let’s find out where these extraordinary epithets come from! 

What is Supima cotton fabric?

 Made from “Gossypium barbadense,” Supima cotton fabric is one of the highest quality types of cotton. The cotton fibers derived from the Gossypium barbadense plant are 34 millimeters long, labeling them as extra-long staple fibers. To be sure you’re making a difference in how extra long these fibers are, for comparison, we have the threads of most types of cotton, which are 20 millimeters long. 

The Gossypium barbadense plant grows in the form of a low tree and has characteristic yellow leaves, which make the plant easier to spot. 

What’s incredible about Supima cotton is its resistance to pilling, making the fabric a durable, long-lasting purchase. 

In the following paragraphs, we’ll mention a lot more of the fantastic qualities of this Supima cotton, so keep reading, as you’ll find very informative and exciting information!

History : Supima Cotton fabric

The history of Supima is not very long, although once it started being produced, the cotton world has never been the same.

This cotton is also known as the American-grown luxury because mainly, it’s grown in the United States. The name “Supima” comes from the words “Superior” and “Pima,” which is the perfect way to describe this cotton type. 

 Where has Supima cotton originated?

In 1911, an experimental farm in Sacaton discovered the Pima plant, which had extra-long and robust fibers. By 1954, a group of American farmers established the Supima organization. By then, Supima was already known as extra soft and luxurious fiber and “America’s most luxurious cotton .”In the late 80s, Supima was recognized and used in several European countries, like Italy and Switzerland.

Supima cotton is USA origin only and represents just 1% of the globally grown cotton. 93% is grown in San Joaquin Valley, California, 3% in Arizona, 2% in New Mexico, and 2% in Texas. It is mainly produced by family-owned farms, dating back to the family business for many generations. 

Many people think that Pima and Supima cotton types are different. They are almost same. The name Supima is given to the cotton that is only produced in the USA, so you can be sure that you’re getting 100% Supima cotton if it’s only made in the states. 

Characteristics : How does Supima feel?

How does Supima feel?

Characteristics : Supima Cotton Fabric

What makes this cotton so unique and original are the characteristics we’re going to discuss now, which you can’t find in any other cotton type.

  • Softness
  • Strength 
  • Durability
  • Breathability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Color retention
  • High price tag

The extra-long fibers give this type of cotton qualities like strength, durability, and softness. It’s twice as strong as regular cotton. It’s resistant to pilling, breaking, and tearing, which means it’s an excellent purchase and will last long. 

The farmers are taking care that there’s zero waste and that every part of the Supima cotton plant will be utilized at harvest time. This means that the production of Supima cotton is eco-friendly and fully compostable.

The colors of Supima cotton last longer, so when you buy a t-shirt made from this type of cotton, every time you wear it, it will look more vibrant and new every time. 

When it comes to the price, there’s a “rule .” The higher the thread count, the price is much higher! This makes Supima cotton one of the most expensive cotton in the world. But we can confirm that every penny spent on it is worth it!

How does it feel? Supima Cotton

The softness of Supima cotton has magical power. With just one touch, it has the ability to make you feel like you’re lying on a cloud. So soft and natural. It gives you a feeling of peacefulness and security.

Simply, You touch it, you feel it! If you have already experienced this, you know it feels magical, right?

Organic Supima Cotton fabric

Organic Supima Cotton fabric


Organic Supima cotton fabric

By choosing Supima cotton, you’re already contributing to the environment. But by choosing organic cotton Supima, you’re already making a difference! 

Chemical-free, without pesticides, smooth, and comfortable, this is the perfect description of what you get if you purchase organic Supima cotton.

The best choice for bed sheets, in which you can enjoy your lazy mornings over and over again because that’s how long this cotton lasts. Forever!

How is Supima cotton fabric made?

As we already mentioned, Supima cotton is produced by farmers who deliver the best quality cotton. Is there any secret to how they do this? Let’s find out!

Although machines manufacture Supima cotton, some aspects of the process are still done by hand. The farmers had to go through a long process until the final product. 

First, handpicking the cotton seeds from the Gossypium plant is a process. This is forwarded by striping the seeds of their fibers and then compressing them into bales.

 The bales are then opened, and the fibers are transferred to a mixing machine. Then, the fibers are formed into web rope-like strands. This process can be done with a machine or by hand. 

After these several steps, one last process needs to be done. That’s combing. The combing is actually “cleaning” the cotton from impurities, after which the cotton strands are loaded onto spools called bobbins. Finally, the cotton strands are spun into yarn and are ready to be woven.

 Also, I wanted to mention that the Supima cotton farmers are equipped with the newest technology machines like GPS navigation that’s used on tractors to plant and harvest cotton, soil monitors, and satellite technology. All of these methods and gadgets are contributing to preventing the environment from unwanted pollution.

How Supima Cotton Made?

How Supima Cotton Made?

Uses : Supima Cotton fabric

With so many good qualities, it’s only natural for the leading fashion houses and home brands to use Supima and manufacture luxurious, high-quality products. It has similar properties as silk, so usually, what you can imagine is made from silk can also be made from Supima cotton. 

 So, why don’t we find out the uses of this rare treasure? 

  • Bedsheets

One of the best choices for bed sheets is purchasing Supima cotton sheets. Why? Because Supima is one of the softest cotton in the world, is breathable, and eco-friendly. Need more reasons? I don’t think so…!

  • Clothing

Everything you can imagine, starting with T-shirts, dresses, and nightgowns, can be made from Supima cotton. It’s perfect for everyday wear, providing you comfort throughout the day.

  • Underwear

The softest fibers combined with breathability. That sounds to me like the perfect, most comfortable underwear to wear!

  • Pajamas
  • Bathrobes

How to take care : Supima Cotton Fabric

Want to hear one more fantastic thing about Supima cotton? 

With the proper care, it only gets better with time! You can wash your Supima shirt daily, and the colors and softness will only improve!

 So let’s look at how to care for these garments properly.


You can wash your Supima clothes the same as any regular cotton garments. You can put your clothes in the washing machine and set it between 30°C and 40°C without any additional concerns. 

 It’s best to use cold water to prevent shrinking.

 When it comes to detergent, a gentle one will meet your needs.


You want to let your Supima garments air dry to help retain their natural shape. Using the dryer might cause some unwanted damage.


If you follow the first step of the drying instruction (letting your garments air dry), you won’t need to iron your clothes. Easy-peasy!

If you eventually need to iron your Supima garments, we recommend doing it with the iron set on a cool setting and placing a towel on top. 

Supima cotton VS Egyptian cotton

There’s no doubt that these two types of cotton are incredible. They’re both high quality cotton and luxurious types of cotton fabric.

 So what is then that separates them from one another? Let’s find out!

 First, let’s talk about the similar qualities they have.

 Supima cotton & Egyptian cotton

  • Both are becoming softer with time
  • Durable
  • Luxurious
  • Machine washable
  • Similar price tag

 Now let’s see the differences.

We talked about how both of these types of cotton are high-quality. But when it comes to which one is better, and you really want the best you can get, then Supima cotton would be your choice.

 It’s a little bit more expensive than Egyptian cotton.

Regarding production, Supima cotton is only made in the USA, while Egyptian cotton is only produced in Egypt.

 So, now you know that you won’t make a mistake choosing between these two incredible types of cotton, we give a slight advantage to the Supima.


Is Supima cotton 100% cotton?

– If the cotton is labeled as Supima cotton, it must be produced from 100%.

Does Supima cotton get softer over time?

– Yes! Your clothes made from Supima cotton will only get softer with each wash and will last you a long time without losing quality.

Is Supima cotton toxic?

– The farmers growing the Supima cotton are taking measures to reduce the impact on the environment. So when it comes to the toxicity of Supima cotton, the answer is no. Supima is natural, non-toxic cotton.

Will Supima sheets pill?

– Twice as strong as regular cotton, Supima cotton is durable and resistant to pilling and breaking. This means that Supima bed sheets are the best choice for you. 

Is Supima cotton better than Egyptian?

– As we saw in the previous paragraph, both types of cotton have awesome characteristics. But we give a slight advantage to Supima cotton when it comes to quality.

Does Supima cotton shrink when washed?

– Due to the extra-long fibers, Supima is less likely to shrink compared to other cotton types. 

Is Supima cotton suitable for summer?

– Breathable, soft, and 100% made from cotton, it will be one of the best choices during the summer months.

Supima cotton by the Yard

 Produced only in the USA, you might wonder how to purchase this fantastic cotton.

 Well, luckily, there are online stores that can cut this worry out of your head!

 Amazon and Etsy are always reliable choices that we recommend for you.

 Need to make a more significant purchase? 

 You can always order Supima Cotton fabric by bolt from the same sites that we mentioned.

Wrap up : Supima Cotton Fabric

I hope this article was informative and helped you decide whether to purchase this type of cotton. If you had doubts about which cotton to choose from, the Supima and Egyptian, I hope we also made that clear. It’s impressive how less than 1% of the world’s cotton production can make such a breakthrough in the world’s market. 

But that’s the magic of Supima cotton. The quality it possesses outshines any other cotton fabric… And we’re happy to witness that!

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