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White Muslin Blanket


No matter where we live, we have white blankets. It’s common for us to go shopping, choosing among colorful blankets, but the white blankets always give coziness to our eyes.

White is the color of the sea, the color of calm, and the color of fog always gives a warm sensation. So buckle up & get ready. We will take you on a journey of white muslin blankets.

Before listing the products for you, we have done 45 hours of offline online research. See the online reviews, trust score, company reputation, real-life customer feedback, and user interview. We use statistics and our knowledge to give an unbiased buying guide that genuinely helps You!

And why muslin? Because muslin always gets topper in terms of being breathable & lightweight among all the fabrics.


White Muslin Blanket

                      White Muslin Blanket

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Why white muslin blanket?

It’s your hard-earned money. Spend your money to get the best value. In terms of fabric, muslin fabric is your best solution. They are breathable, lightweight & get softer after each wash. White muslin blanket is long-lasting. They are okay both in summer & winter.


5 Best White Muslin Blanket


Let us dive into some of the best white muslin blankets that worth your money.


Snow White Double Gauze Blanket

         Snow White Double Gauze Blanket

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Snow White Double Gauze Blanket | Gauze Blanket | Twin Throw | Breathable Cotton Muslin Bedding | Minimalist Bedroom Decor | Tie Dye 

BraveSoulBlankets snow white double gauze blanket comes with a price of USD 92. But don’t look at the price first. 

The handmade blanket is 50 inches in width & 72 inches in length. Calm, Simple &  beautiful, this muslin fabric blanket is breathable and so soft! Their blankets are popular among those who are suffering from sensory processing disorders and who experience night sweats. Their blankets can keep you warm without any kind of overheating.

This is the ideal blanket for hospital visits and other occasions when you may desire a little comfort from home! Because With its convenient size and durability with washing, ideal for hospital visits, any occasion, a baby shower present, and for any housewarming gift. The blanket is Machine washable and only gets softer every time it is washed.


Bacati - 4 Pack Solid Pure White Baby Swaddle Blanket

Bacati – 4 Pack Solid Pure White Baby Swaddle Blanket

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Bacati – 4 Pack Solid Pure White Baby Swaddle Blanket Unisex Swaddle Wrap Soft Breathable Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

For just $29.99, Bacati’s pure white baby swaddle blanket for Boys or Girls comes in a size of 45 x 45 inches. 

BPA-free solid pure white muslin swaddling blankets set of 4 is 100% cotton loose weave breathable muslin. It is a multipurpose blanket that you can use as a burp cloth, swaddle sack, tummy time, play mat, or stroller cover with a satisfaction guarantee that will keep your little one comfortable and safe!

Their blanket is thin enough to provide ample breathability, natural give, softness, comfort & durability. It is machine washable in Warm Water and tumbles dry at low heat.


SwaddleDesigns Pure White Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

  SwaddleDesigns Pure White Cotton Muslin 

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SwaddleDesigns Pure White Cotton Muslin Swaddle 

SwaddleDesigns white Muslin Swaddle Blankets are 46×46 inches and come with a Set of 4. Popular for being the best baby shower gift; these receiving blankets are for baby boys & girls. Their price stands at $35.95 today (might change over time). The product have a huge reputation with 95% great review from 2470 real life buyer on Amazon!

These 100% premium cotton muslin blankets are already pre-washed. Most importantly, get softer with every wash. Moreover, they are ideal for swaddling, sun-shield, tummy time, privacy throw, and more. 


100% Cotton Muslin Throw Blanket 4 Layers

100% Cotton Muslin Throw Blanket 4 Layers

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100% Cotton Muslin Throw Blanket 4 Layers

HomeDecorationCenter provides a 100% Cotton Muslin Throw Blanket that comes with 4 Layers Bedspread. Also, popular as a Soft Turkish Cotton Muslin Bed Cover. Moreover, they have reversible coverlet cream with size options. It comes with a price of USD 29.61.

This bedspread is made by hand using the 4-ply gauze fabrication made of 100% Muslin Turkish cotton. Plus, it is durable, washable, reusable, eco-friendly, breathable, soft, comfortable, and a unique gift for couples.

This muslin blanket can be used from both sides, and it is available in different colors and sizes. Please note that you must wash this bedspread before using it for the first time. You can wash it with cold water and mild detergent at 40 °C using the washing machine to remove the stains. But don’t use bleach to clean it.


Beautiful neutral pure white bamboo muslin blanket XL (140cm x 140cm)

 Cuski baby pure white bamboo muslin blanket 

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Cuskibaby Beautiful neutral pure white bamboo muslin 

CuskiBaby Comforters unveiled their beautiful neutral PURE WHITE bamboo muslin blanket XL (140cm x 140cm) only at USD 8.59. This great Swaddle is attractive with materials like bamboo & muslin. This pure optic white beautiful super soft & breathable muslin blanket is for mamas & babies. It can be used as Baby shawl, Baby swaddle, Cot blanket, Pram blanket, receiving blanket, Baby essential, as a modesty cover while nursing and is perfect for daytime snuggling.



Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions about white muslin blankets.


What is the purpose of muslin blankets?

Muslin blankets are soft and breathable and are intended to be used as covers only in clean air and with sufficient air circulation for breastfeeding babies.


Is muslin good for blankets?

Yes, because its softness makes it ideal for wrapping blankets. Swaddling makes children feel more comfortable as it mimics their mothers’ comforting womb feeling. 


Is a muslin blanket warm?

Yes. It is woven to give your infant the freedom to breathe easily with softness. So they will feel motherly comfort. 


How many swaddle blankets do I need for a newborn?

There is no actual number. It depends on your needs. But make sure there’s enough swaddling on the baby’s bed – one for laundry and one for emergencies.


Why do hospitals swaddle babies?

There are many reasons. Correct swaddling also prevents overheating injuries and sluggish infant death syndrome (SIDS).


Conclusion: White Muslin Blanket

If wondering about what blanket is suitable for you; do not hesitate & give a try to white muslin blankets. We have already collected most popular, user satisfactory muslin blankets for you. Just read it & go for your favorite one. Moreover, if you are looking for only baby muslin blankets, click the link.


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