5 Best Muslin Bath Towels for Baby : Choose the Right One!

by | Nov 17, 2023

Are you a parent hunting for perfectly sized, cutest, and best muslin bath towels? Consider yourself lucky because today’s guide will walk you through 5 top-rated muslin towels!

We did 60 hours of offline and online research. We tested a few. Based on our findings, we listed these products for you.

Babies can get cold easily, so they deserve a plush, cuddly towel ready when their bath time is over. Whether you are searching for something simple or childish, we have scoured the internet to present you with the best available options. 

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Best Muslin bath towels

So sit back and get ready to feast your eyes on heart-meltingly muslin baby towels to ensure smooth skin after each bathing session. 

Here is five best muslin bath towels for baby :

  1. Tiny Alpaca : Best Overall
  2. Green sprouts : Best for toddlers
  3. Yoofos : best muslin bath towel for baby girls
  4. Bc baby care : Best organic baby towel 
  5. Bebe au Lait : best for baby boy

Tiny Alpaca UK


Let’s round off our list with a great Etsy seller. You simply must love this unique muslin baby towel.

Measuring 75 × 75 cm, this is a cute unisex piece shaped like a bunny. Now this will definitely add a smile and fun to your baby’s bath routine! 

It serves equally attractive as a baby shower gift. And don’t worry, there are many diverse color options, such as ether, turmeric, sage, blush, and oatmeal. 

Now let’s talk about the towel’s construction – it is made of 100% pure GOTS-certified cotton. The seller prides itself to be completely plastic-free, and if that matters to you (like it should), you can shop their offerings with peace of mind. The company prioritizes sustainable and eco-friendly baby essentials and accessories. 

They also go a step further to write gift notes while delivering baby gifts. Their items are packed through first-class biodegradable packaging before delivery. 

Our Rating : 4.8 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Green sprout

Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts is another high-end brand that sells the best muslin bath towels for toddlers and babies. For instance, check the sweet gem below:

It’s a Muslin hooded towel with organic cotton as the primary material. This versatile towel can opt for pool, beach, and bath time. As a parent, you can be assured of its cozy construction and drying ability. 

The reversible towel adds both knitted, absorbent terry cloth and 100% organic, hypoallergenic cotton muslin. It is processed without any toxic chemicals to make it safe for your cherub. There are no azo dyes or formaldehyde to guarantee optimum safety. 

So what else is praiseworthy in this hooded Muslin towel?

For starters, it includes hand pockets on the corners so that your toddler can learn how to dry on their own. 

Secondly, the muslin product gets softer every time you wash it. This is great proof that it’s made of breathable and finely woven fabrics. 

Toddlers and babies can use this effective towel as it “grows” with them thanks to its universal size. So one-time purchases can lead to long-term usage, and your little one will love your decision too! 

And not only this, the towel comes with an attached hanging loop for natural air drying until the next use. This frees up space on your towel racks – moms know how important this is. 

Our Rating : 4.7 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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And do you want a bit of luxury for your little one? Yoofoss is a brand that offers budget-friendly yet high-quality baby essentials for all modern parents who can never compromise on standards. Yoofoss is unique because it consciously prioritizes being sustainable and eco-friendly, but at the same time so trendy.

Although the brand sells stunning blankets, bib & burp cloths, plates, baby bags, and face cloths, today we’ll focus on their best muslin bath towels for baby girls

This luxe muslin towel contains 6-layered organic cotton which feels like a feather on the baby’s skin. As opposed to the standard towels, Yoofoss goes beyond to provide antibacterial, breathable, and generously sized towels that also have more softness with every wash. 

Its ultra-comfy and absorbent qualities will make your baby’s post-bath routine way more fun! 

And of course, there are also other colors to choose from, so you’ll undoubtedly find something cute for your baby boy, too.

Our Rating : 4.7 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Bc Babycare

The first on the list, Bc Babycare is popular for its premium and chic baby products. Their specialty items include swaddle blankets, nursing covers, sleep bags, bandana bibs, and so much more. It was challenging to opt for only one product from this fantastic collection, but we finally picked one super-cute Muslin towel. 

Check this cutie below:

What an adorable way to dry off your cherub! Available in versatile patterns and shades, this hooded towel is made of terry cloth and an upscale knit cotton fabric combo. Customers have reported that these hooded towels get softer with each wash, which is so rare and amazing! 

The inner terry cloth lining boosts absorbency without compromising your baby’s comfort. Since this collection measures 37.4 x 37.4 inches, it’s a great pick for your angel’s first-ever bath to their toddler days. 

The brand only uses organic cotton which poses no harm to the baby’s sensitive skin. Your child will surely love it because of cute symbols like animals, flowers, and forests.  

All their hooded Muslin towel collection is modern, simple, and really classy. It deserves a spot in your baby’s stuff, especially if you love trendy designs. 

The best part? It’s a breeze to maintain these towels – just chuck them in the machine and wash it cold! Afterward, tumble dry on low heat. 

Our Rating : 4.6 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Bebe au Lait

Bebe au Lait is another lovely small business that is dedicated to making unparalleled baby products. That include best muslin bath towel for baby boys and girls: 

Adopting a nautical theme, parents all around the world love this product. Here are a few features that makes it unique. It must be in your toddler essentials.

  • Body: Absorbent and plush 100% cotton terry cloth
  • Size: 27.5 × 36 inches
  • Trim: Pure cotton muslin in vivid prints
  • Double-layered and fully-sized hood 
  • Machine Washable

Oh, and if you don’t fancy this print, don’t fret as Bebe au Lait has so many more trimmed, whimsical prints in their dizzying collection. Some examples include rain forests, dinomite, dinorama, space etc. These durable towels are the perfect after-bath. They have a lot more other products in their collection.

Finally, they specialize in many other baby items. They use premium fabrics, such as 100 percent cotton, luxury muslin blend, classic muslin, organic cotton muslin, bamboo linen, and many more. They smartly use the fabrics as per the product requirements. 

While purchasing the baby towel, you should check out the other offers from bebe au lait. I am sure you will find something more!

Our Rating : 4.6 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Best Muslin Bath towel alternative

Hiphop Panda Hooded towel : Best muslin bath towel alternative

While searching for the best muslin bath towel, we found very few non-muslin towels that works very well like a great muslin towel. Among them, the HipHop Panda Hooded towel is the best one. Without sharing this option, our reviews remains incomplete. 

HipHop Panda is another famous American brand for baby towels. The product features durable rayon bamboo fabric. The added density due to the double layer is rich in softness and absorbency. The size might be a bit large for some newborns. Still, it works fine. 

You can even use them to bathe a toddler. The sewing lines around the borders are plain and soft. They won’t be itching the baby’s skin at all. 

Most importantly, this bamboo towel can dry faster than a single-layer baby towel. This is an ideal alternative to muslin bath towels. 

You can Buy this product from Amazon.

Best Muslin bath towels for Baby : What to see before buying?

You should check some important factors before buying the best muslin bath towel. They are :


The safest option to use for baby care is muslin cotton or 100 percent cotton. Baby skin is susceptible. It can suffer from rashes, allergies, and scratches easily. Muslin fabric has a fine finish with a decent thread count. So, muslin bath towels are the softest option for babies. 


Some towels contain heavy prints that can have harmful chemicals, heavy metals. You need to pick a towel that is organic-certified. Either GOTS or OEKO Tex 100


Baby bath towels should absorb moisture easily. Quick drying is a must-have feature. You need to buy a towel which is absorbent enough for the baby, Simple.


Best baby towels come in rectangular shape. A baby muslin towel should have a 20-30 inch length. 


You must judge the brand value no matter which baby product you buy. Tiny Alpha Ca, Baby au Lait, etc. are the global brands for baby wear and care products. Buying something from them assures the highest quality. 


Baby towels and blankets need to go through frequent wash and care. That’s why they need to be durable. The thickness of the muslin towel should be neither too light nor too heavy. And the seamlines need to be firm enough. 


A good baby muslin towel can cost between 8-15$. However, some brands can cost a few dollars extra if they provide any additional benefits. 


Are muslin towels good for babies?

Muslin towels are the best for baby care. Several local and global medical authorities also suggested using muslin towels for babies. They are naturally suitable for babies.

Can muslin towels be used for newborns?

You can use muslin towels to dry your newborn’s body. Because the muslin towel is highly moisture absorbent. Also, the threads don’t tear or fade so quickly. You can rub your baby with a muslin towel without scratching or hurting the delicate skin. 

How often should I wash muslin towels for babies?

It is better to wash or clean the muslin towel every time after use. Avoid machine wash is a plus. But if you insist, you can use the gentle or basic cycle mode with baby-safe detergents. 

What are luxury bath towels made of?

Luxury bath towels are made of cotton or cotton blends with longer fibers. Also, most luxury towels have over 500 GSM range. Egyptian cotton or muslin is famous for luxury bath towels.

Over To You : best muslin bath towels for baby

The product to care for your baby needs to be of the highest quality with unique benefits. 

A muslin bath towel is an essential item for the baby care bundle. You shouldn’t negotiate the quality of towels as they come directly in contact with your baby’s delicate skin.

So, It’s better find the best from the market. We’ve already talked about five best muslin bath towels. You can easily buy the right one with the help of our buying guide. Enjoy.

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