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Summer / Winter / Rainy day! Muslin dress always holds its style. It gives you comfort and coziness at a time. Being stylish, looking for the most fashionable dresses with the highest level of comfort? Muslin is the one that never disappoints you! 

In this blog Muslin dress 101, You will learn an in-depth guide about muslin dress and everything related to this excellent fashion. 

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What is a muslin dress?

The muslin dress is one of the fashionable items that gives you comfort at its best. It has multiple types and designs for men, women, and babies. This high-quality cotton fabric can be used for the long term. It is durable, classic, and soft. 

What is a muslin dress made of?

The muslin dress is made from a unique, high-quality material. It is natural. No other fabric material can compete with this one regarding several features. Want to know them? It is softer, more comfortable, transparent, absorbent, and safe too. 

You can get 100 percent certified organic muslin dress which is sustainable.

why muslin dress?

Why Should You Go for Muslin Dress?

Great question. Why should you go for a muslin dress when so many options are available in the market? Cotton, silk, linen, and several others have unique benefits too. However, Muslin is the boss in its arena because it gives you an exotic feel. Muslin dresses are super comfortable. It can pacify us in all seasons. 

A dress covers us. But in this advanced and conscious society, we have to care about covering ourselves and expressing our personality. Our fashion taste represents us. That doesn’t mean breaking comfort and luxury at all. For comfort, luxury, style, and trend simultaneously, the Muslin dress is one of the affordable options for us. 

Brief history : Muslin Fashion

Muslin dress was extremely luxurious before. Actual luxe Dhaka muslin is not available in the market.

Previously, Muslin was only used by the aristocrat, but nowadays, it has become affordable and adopted by the general. Due to industrial production, Muslin becomes affordable to the mass people. This Muslin is different from the original one! Nowadays, several types and designs of muslin dresses appear in the market. However, the most luxurious Dhaka muslin dress has disappeared for almost 200 years. Now it is coming back.

Let’s see how the royal Muslin impacts the global luxury fashion! The future of Dhaka Muslin!

Types of Muslin Dresses

Muslin is a versatile and popular fashion fabric for people of all ages. There are several types of dresses made of Muslin in different countries. Here we will talk about the varieties of muslin dresses. 

For Men

Muslin is a comfortable dress to wear on all occasions. You can use it for regular and special events too. A muslin cotton kurta is a trendy item for men. Undergarments are also very popular for men.

Let’s check on some popular muslin outfits for men. 

  • Muslin casual shorts for men 
  • Punjabi 
  • Muslin pants
  • Muslin shirts
  • Muslin shorts 
  • Muslin hoody 
  • Muslin Cap 
  • scarf 
  • Underwear
  • Etc.

Muslin dress 101 - Woman 

For Women

Hand-block printed muslin dresses are so popular in the women’s category. Summer butterfly dresses, kurtas, gowns, and mini-dresses are extremely popular all over the world. 

In Bangladesh, there is a brand named Aarong that sells muslin saree ( An ancient Indian woman’s attire). Women are so fond of it for its unique designs. A lot of other brands sell muslin dresses in several categories. A pure muslin shirt for women is another good item right now. Pajamas and shorts are also made of Muslin for fashionable ladies. They wear muslin outfits both inside and outside. 

Let’s get familiar with some of the women’s muslin dresses. 

  • Muslin Indian dress
  • Muslin long dress
  • Maxi 
  • Kurti 
  • Summer muslin dress
  • Beach dress
  • Bathrobe 
  • Winter muslin jacket for women
  • Muslin Saree 
  • Underwear
  • Etc.

Muslin dress 101 - Baby

For Baby

There are so many types and designs of muslin baby dresses. They are suitable to wear both in summer and winter. Baby loves Muslin due to its softness and luxurious feel. Some of the popular muslin baby dresses are :

  • Baby muslin jumpsuit 
  • Sleeping sack /Night Dress
  • Bathrobe
  • Regular baby dress
  • Etc.

 Trending Muslin Party Dress👍

Muslin party dresses are so famous for baby’s outfits. Adults also love it. Muslin helps to create amazing photogenic vibes on camera. Nowadays, trending party dresses owe Muslin for their unique features. It is hard to understand without personal experience. Whatever, some of the trending muslin party dresses are: 

  • Baby Muslin party dress
  • Party wear gown 
  • Muslin wedding dress
  • One-shoulder top
  • Pure muslin jamdani saree
  • Muslin Saree
  • Muslin photoshoot dress
  • etc.

Muslin dress 101 - FAQ

Muslin Dress 101 | FAQ

Why is Muslin Dress so expensive?

Most Muslin dresses are affordable. Only some dresses come out too costly due to their unique quality; hand made less production by artisans and high-quality rare cotton species. The material is rare. Craftsmanship is rarest! 

Can I wash a muslin dress?

Muslin is machine washable. Use normal water with a natural detergent. Make sure that you do not force too much while cleaning the dress. Wash gently. 

Is it safe to put my muslin dress in a dryer?

It’s better to hang the muslin dress after washing. Dry it naturally under the sun instead of using a machine dryer. Although Muslin shrinks in the dryer, You can dry it.

What fabric is close to Muslin?

Cotton is closest to Muslin because Muslin itself is cotton but a rare one. Muslin and cotton have a similar kind of feeling, but a comparison cannot be made. Muslin is unique and special. You can mix Muslin with bamboo, viscose, silk, and other natural fabrics. They become mixed Muslin. 

Muslin Vs. Calico

Calico is another fabric that is similar to Muslin to some extent but not 100%. Calico is much more durable than Muslin. Muslin is transparent and breathable, but calico is non-transparent and breathable. You see, there are both similarities and differences between these two. 

 Why Muslin is so close to a fashion designer? 

By using Muslin, designers check on the drape and proportion of a garment. It helps to understand the pattern and fitting of a new dress. Apart from the pattern, It is photogenic, Colorful. Fashion designers can transform their concepts into reality with this fabric. So, Fashion designer loves making a new dress with them.

Does Muslin’s dress wrinkle?

Since it is pure cotton, wrinkling happens. But you can avoid muslin wrinkles easily.

Do muslin dresses require ironing after washing?

Muslin might have wrinkles after washing; it needs to iron. Make sure the heat is moderate overheating can harm the clothes.  

Pro Tips for Users:

  • Dhaka muslin dresses are unique & symbol of Royal Luxury
  • Wash your muslin dress carefully to avoid tearing or fading. 
  • Buy your muslin dress from a trusted shop, whether online or offline. 
  • Muslin is one of the safest fabrics for newborns.

Conclusion : Muslin dress 101

Muslin dress added a next-level touch to the fashion sense of all ages. Specially, women love to wear Muslin because of its comfort & beauty. Babies and men also love this fabric because it is incredible. Comfort, smoothness, and luxury at the same time, there is barely an alternative to a muslin dress.  


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