The Art of Skincare After Waxing: A Comprehensive Tutorial

by | Jan 23, 2024

Your job is not done just waxing. You need to perform skincare after waxing. It helps to nourish your skin after getting hair, foreign matter, and skin cells removed. 

We are the Muslin Dhaka team. We have been working on fashion marketing for more than 27 years cumulatively. We researched muslin wax strips recently. At that time we also found out the importance of skincare after waxing. 

So, we share the dos and don’ts after waxing with strips. We will focus on those today. But before that, we will have a short brief on waxing at home. In case you missed any of the basics! 

Let’s start.

diy waxing

How to Remove Hair at Home: DIY Waxing

It’s time to give you some basic ideas about professional waxing. You can also watch this video to save time.

Prepare your skin:

Firstly, make sure your skin is dry and clean. Use your usual soap or body wash to clean your skin. Then, apply moisture-wicking talcum powder to make the skin dry and free of any residues.

Heat the wax:

Don’t overheat and make the wax cream thin like corn soup. Put low-mid heat and ensure the texture is a bit thicker than condensed milk. 

Take all the stuff you need:

If you have a waxing kit, then you’re almost ready. If not, collect large sticks (for larger skin areas like arms, legs, and chest), small sticks (for facial skin, bikini area, or Brazilian), muslin waxing strips, wiping cloth, post-waxing oil, etc. 

Note: Couldn’t find any good strips from nearby stores? Make your own! We’ve also described how you can clean and reuse strips to help you out. 

Test the wax before use:

Before starting to wax, test a small amount of wax on the skin and spread it to see if the coat is right or doesn’t hurt your skin. 

Start spreading the wax:

Take a good amount of wax using a stick. Then spread it following the direction of hair growth. According to AAD’s hair removal guide, it makes the wax spread properly around the hair. 

Perfectly place the muslin epilating strips:

Finally, wait for around 10 seconds to let the wax settle. Then, place a muslin strip. Rub it properly and pull it off in a jiffy. 

Skincare After Waxing expert tips

Skincare After Waxing

You don’t have to be a professional aesthetician to take care of your skin after removing unwanted hair. It’s very simple and easy. 

After waxing, the skin becomes sensitive and gets hurt easily. Follow these tips. And you can enjoy going out without even thinking of post-waxing effects. 

  • No Itching

Never itch your waxed skin. No matter how tempting it is, avoid itching or rubbing when you feel a sensation in your skin. 

  • Wear Loose Dress

You should avoid wearing slim or snug-fit dresses. Loose and soft muslin tops are the best choices. We have listed some good shirts you can wear after waxing. Check that to know the right option.

  • Not Too Hot But Warm Bath

You can take baths with warm water mixed with dead sea salt. It can both treat your skin and work as body soap. But it shouldn’t be right after waxing. Take your bath 3-4 hours after waxing. 

  • Don’t Forget About Moisturizing

Almond oil-infused moisturizer is a good choice to use on waxed areas, especially for Brazilian waxing. Rich oils with vitamin E help to remove any waxing residues and bring moisture into the rough skin cells.

  • Say NO to Exercise

Avoid doing workouts. If you sweat, the waxed area might get affected. Try not to do any physical exercises for the next 24 hours after waxing. 

  • Bodyspray Can Hurt

Don’t use any deo or spray directly on waxed skin for a while. It can create bumps or rashes. 

  • Stay Hydrated

It might sound funny. But yes, you need to drink more water so that your delicate skin gets hydrated. It also helps to develop new cells. 

But if you’ve done your waxing from a nearby parlor, ask what they used for waxing. Contact them if you find anything unusual on your skin. 

Crucial Tips for Waxing with Strips for skincare

Here are some additional expert opinions to make sure you are doing right.

  • Canadian Dermatology says that you must avoid waxing if you’re using acne cream or prescribed medicines for skin treatment. 
  • Avoid swimming or spa for a whole day after waxing. 
  • Don’t wax on the same area twice in a day.
  • Read the label of the wax before applying it. Even if you’re at the salon.
  • Follow the diffraction of hair growth to rub the strips after placing them. But pull them off from the opposite direction of growth.

waxing vs shaving

Waxing VS Shaving: Know Which One Suits You Most

The purposes of waxing and shaving are the same. Removing unwanted hair from the skin. However, shaving and waxing are the two poles of a magnet. To know what’s the right choice, we researched and followed Cleveland Clinic. And the result is:


Waxing is applying wax or cream on the layer. Then, you need to press paper or fabric strips over the wax. And finally, pull the strips off the skin. The strips will bring out hairs from the root. 

But there’s another type of waxing called hard wax that doesn’t require any strips. 


  • Effects last for 20-30 days
  • Smoother skin
  • Dead skin and particle removal


  • Painful process
  • Expansive kits (wax, strips, etc.)
  • Side effects like redness on skin, rashes, itchiness


Almost all of us grew up seeing our fathers and brothers shaving beards. Shaving other unwanted skin hairs is also the same process. You need to use shaving cream on the skin. And make a decent amount of foam to run the razor over your skin.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy-to-perform method
  • Painless process


  • Razor burn
  • Short-term effect
  • Possibilities of cuts and accidents

What’s the Best?

As the effect lasts longer, waxing is the best deal. What’s more surprising is that frequent waxing on a specific area for quite some time can stop hair growth on that area of the skin for good. 


What do you do immediately after waxing?

Immediately after waxing, you can moisturize your skin with organic creams and formulas. Avoid taking a bath or wearing heavy clothes after wax.

Can I shower after waxing?

It depends on the skin condition. If you don’t see any red areas or rashes after waxing, take a break for 3 hours and bathe. 

How can I get smooth skin after facial wax?

You can use a little bit of moisturizer on waxed areas. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water every day. 

Summary: Skincare After Waxing

You shouldn’t neglect skin care after hair removal. Waxing can remove cells from the upper layer of your skin. It makes your skin vulnerable. To prevent any injury, rash, or infection, follow our given methods to help your skin better. 

And remember, always use the best and organic items for waxing. Especially the best muslin strips for waxing. 

Shariful Alam

Shariful Alam

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