Excellent Muslin Romper for Baby : Everything you must know

by | Sep 24, 2023

Have you ever thought how irritating it is to find the fitting shirt and pants separately for your baby? Sometimes, putting on multiple layers on your baby’s body can disturb your little one. Whether it’s bedtime or an outing, you should not overdress your child.
As per the article Global Times China, overdressing can suffocate your baby. Extra layers put pressure on babies’ limbs, chest, and belly. So, what can you choose for your baby with a simple construction with better comfort? Muslin rompers, of course.
Muslin rompers have a one-piece design with a single muslin layer. Your baby can wear a muslin cotton romper when sleeping, traveling, or playing inside the house. Most importantly, rompers are comfortable and convenient for children and parents.
The Muslin Dhaka team has worked in the fashion marketing industry for over 6 years. We have recently researched baby muslin rompers. During the research, we went through many experts, parents, and the most trusted journals to know the benefits of cotton muslin rompers.
Today, we will tell you what a muslin romper is and why you should buy one. Let’s head out!

Why is it called a romper?

Romp means a child who plays loudly and cheerfully. In the Victorian era, children who used to be playful and energetic wore shirts that also had short pants attached. Those one-piece dresses of romps are now known as rompers.
In the beginning, only kids used to wear rompers. Because rompers are easy to wear and durable. The loose fitting also allowed kids to run and hop comfortably.
But in the middle of the 20th century, rompers became widely known for trendy adult men’s wear. Soon after, women also started wearing rompers for comfort and convenience.
In the modern era, rompers are known to be a very efficient dressing option for kids, men, and women. But still, most of the muslin rompers or cotton muslin rompers refer to one-piece dresses for babies and kids.

What Age Do Babies Wear Muslin Rompers?

A baby who is 0-24 months old can wear a muslin romper or onesie.
Both newborns and toddlers are eligible to wear rompers. Muslin rompers for newborns can have plushy and thicker muslin fabric sheets. Whereas toddler rompers can be stretchy and lightweight to let the babies move freely.
Any child aged below 2 years can stay only wearing a romper during summer. But the romper is a good choice to wear under the blanket in cold weather. Wearing a romper doesn’t create suffocation.
Muslin Romper for Baby

What is the Purpose of a Baby Muslin Romper?

The essential purpose of making your baby wear a muslin romper is that it is easy to put on and off.
Babies throw their limbs often while awake. Sometimes, they can also do startle reflexes while asleep. So, it is tough to put multiple clothes on your baby even if they are sleeping.
That’s why one-piece clothes like rompers are very handy. You must put the baby’s arms and legs in the right holes and lock; dressing with a romper is done. Rompers also have fewer buttons, zippers, or straps. Your baby has no chance of getting hurt by them.
So, the purpose of muslin rompers for babies is to have a simple and convenient wearing. It should also feature optimal comfort.

Are Muslin Rompers Comfortable for Babies?

Muslin rompers are comfortable for babies. Even newborns can also wear cotton muslin rompers. Here are 5 reasons why muslin rompers are comfortable.

Plain Construction

Rompers are mostly one-piece construction. They have very few stitching. That’s why they can’t sting babies’ skin.

Good Temperature Control

Muslin rompers are also cozy and breathable. You can buy one for all-season use. Your baby needs to wear nothing under a romper during summer. But the romper can be worn over a layer of cloth during winter to block the cold breeze. You can even use swaddle blankets while they’re wearing a romper.

Good Dress for Hot Sleepers

Babies who sleep hot can also wear muslin rompers. The light and breathable cotton muslin fabric helps to let the body stay dry.

No Suffocation Inside

As rompers have a plain construction, they don’t have too many buttons, straps, or zippers. It is a significant advantage. It doesn’t make the baby feel suffocated. And muslin rompers are lightweight, too. You can put on your homemade quilt over the romper at night during the cold.

Cotton Muslin Sheets are Stretchy

Muslin is also a stretchable fabric. Even if the baby moves or throws hands and legs a lot, the construction stays at the right place over the body. So your baby can comfortably move and explore.
Benefits of Muslin Romper

Benefits of Best Muslin Romper for Babies

“If you choose to wrap your baby, use lightweight cotton or muslin wraps.”
So, it is understandable that muslin is one of the safest fabrics for newborns and toddlers. Rompers made of organic muslin cotton fabric can work better than spandex or synthetic rompers.
The primary benefits of muslin rompers are:

Safer than Other Clothes

Muslin rompers have single-layer constructions that weigh less. According to Healthline, babies being slightly undressed is better than being covered with heavy fabric layers. They also say that bodysuits or shirts made of muslin and pure cotton are the safest options with optimal comfort.

Easy Dressing

When you have muslin rompers for your baby, you don’t have to think about matching a pant and a shirt together on your baby. You can keep your baby comfy and cute by just having them wear a simple romper. And rompers are easy to use, too.

Safety Assured

Best muslin rompers come with certificates like OEKO TEX and GOTS. These products are safe for people of any age. The organic fabric and dye are good to wear for babies. Because they have delicate and sensitive skin.

Quick Diaper Change

Most rompers these days have buttons or snaps at the crotch area. You can open up the buttons and get access to the diaper for changing. Unlike other clothes, you don’t need to fully undress your baby for diaper change.

Comfortable Movements

Onesies have no legs like swimsuits. And jumpsuits have longer hands and legs. Unlike them, rompers have tiny legs and a bit longer hands.
This construction makes the limbs free but also protects them from getting cold. Most importantly, muslin offers stretch. That’s why some muslin rompers can have longer legs and arms that cooperate with the movement.

Good for Fashion

Muslin rompers come with varieties of colors and fashion. Because muslin fabrics can easily accept color dyes.


Saves Money

By spending 10-12$, you can buy a decent muslin romper. Buying shirts and pants separately for babies can cost you a lot. So, the best muslin rompers help save money and ensure the best quality.

Good Sleepwear

The AAP suggests new parents let their babies wear one-piece dresses with simple designs. The skin stays good when you cover your baby with a soft and breathable muslin romper.
The breathing organs also get less pressure from the weight of the clothes. The Children’s Hospital of Philadephia says that overdressing can cause SIDS.
A muslin cotton romper can be a good option if you swaddle your baby when they sleep.

Difference Between Rompers, Onesies, Jumpsuits, and Bodysuits

Most of the time, we use onesies, bodysuits, and jumpsuits interchangeably to describe rompers. However, they all have one-piece construction. Each of the types has its structure and measures. Let’s know them in detail.
  • Have short to long arms
  • Have short legs
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • It can be worn over a shirt or sweater
  • Mainly for newborn to toddlers
  • Have short to long arms
  • Have long legs
  • Good for both indoors and outdoors
  • It Can be worn over a shirt or sweater
  • Mainly for babies to toddlers
  • Have short to long arms
  • Have no legs
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • It can be worn under a sweater, skirt, or pant
  • Mainly for babies to toddlers
  • Have short arms
  • Have no legs
  • Good for indoors
  • Can be worn under a shirt, sweater, skirt, or pant
  • Mainly for newborns and babies

Romper vs. jumpsuit vs. onesie vs. bodysuit

TypeBest Use forFittingKey PointAge Range
RomperRegular cloth, occasional cloth, sleep suitSung or looseEasy clothing for babies0-2 years
JumpsuitRegular cloth, sleep suitSnug or looseEasy clothing for babies0-3 years
OnesieRegular cloth, occasional clothLooseWorn tucked under a pant 0-2 years
BodysuitRegular cloth, additional inner wear, sleep suitSnugWorn to keep dress in place and hold the diaper0-1.5 years

How to Put Romper on Babies?

If you don’t know how you can put on a romper over your baby, can follow this instruction below from our real-life experiences as parents:
  •  Unbutton and unzip the romper first.
  • Then, gently put your baby’s legs through the leg holes of the romper one by one.
  • Next, pull up the romper and slowly pass through the waist and back of your baby.
  • After that, put the baby’s hands through the armholes.
  • Finally, button up or zip the primary closure, and you’re done.
You can also do the reverse technique and start putting on from the top instead of the legs. It depends on the construction of the romper or jumpsuit. However, watch this video if you still haven’t figured out how to put romper on babies.


What is another name for a baby romper?
Rompers can be called onesies or bodysuits because they have almost the same type of construction. Although the size of arms and legs in rompers, jumpsuits, onesies, and bodysuits are pretty different, many people still consider them the same.
How to wash a muslin romper?
Use mild water with the usual fabric detergent to make a soap mixture. Then, gently wash the romper under the soapy water. Don’t think of using bleach or hot water for quick cleaning.
How many layers should a baby wear at night?
The baby should wear one more layer than the adult’s need. The adult’s required fabric layers depends on how many layers need to cover an adult in specific temperature.

Summary : Muslin Romper

So, those are all you should know about muslin rompers and their benefits. You can now easily understand why rompers are better than baby pajamas or shirts.
We suggest you buy your baby the best muslin rompers to wear. Your baby will surely love wearing them because they are too comfortable. You can read our review on the best muslin quilts. From there, you can find the right bedding to cover your baby, along with rompers at night.
Best of luck!

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