Amazing Muslin Stroller Blanket : Everything you need to know

by | Oct 19, 2023

Muslin stroller blankets are important baby essentials. Why?

Taking your baby outside of the house is necessary for their development. They learn and adapt by seeing and hearing new things. But the catch is your baby’s immune system isn’t as strong as yours. You need to cover your baby with a soft and protective layer while carrying them in a stroller.
So, what could be the best covering for your baby to keep them warm, comfy, and safe? Muslin stroller blankets, of course! Most new parents are unaware of what to use or how to take a newborn outside the house. Either they buy a wrong and unsafe product. Or they don’t take their babies outside until the babies grow into toddlers.
Muslin stroller blanket is the solution to all these matters. We, team Muslin Dhaka, have recently researched muslin stroller blankets and their benefits. We used our 27 cumulative years of fashion marketing experience to find the key points of using a muslin cotton stroller blanket. We also crosschecked stroller blankets with other similar items on the market.
Today, we will be telling you all about the muslin stroller blanket. And let you decide whether to buy one or not.

What is a Muslin Stroller Blanket?

 A muslin stroller blanket is a lightweight and small muslin veil used to cover your baby’s body inside the stroller.
The muslin stroller blanket is almost similar to some other muslin baby essentials. For example, swaddle bag, burp cloth, quilt, throw cover, etc.
New parents can sometimes mix muslin stroller blankets with other muslin bedding. So, let’s give some primary features of muslin stroller blankets.
  • Smaller than other baby bedding
  • Minimalistic design
  • Lightweight construction
  • No buttons, zippers, or straps
  • Mostly 1-2 layers
Besides, you can find several other muslin blanket types also eligible as stroller blankets. We will talk about them later in this article.

Benefits of Muslin Stroller Blankets

There are several options in the market like carrier covers and swaddle bags. Then, why should choose a muslin stroller blanket?

Safe and comfortable

Muslin stroller blanket is the best thing to use with your baby carriage. Because of being lightweight, they don’t suffocate babies. Babies can also move or throw their arms and legs comfortably under the stroller sheet. Muslin stroller blankies don’t overheat or block air circulation. Thus, they are a good choice.


You can easily cover your baby using a stroller blanket. Unlike swaddle bags, they are easy to put on. You can also adjust the covering according to your baby’s needs.


Recent muslin stroller blankets come with multipurpose construction. Buying one muslin stroller blanket can fill the need for swaddle clothes, canopy curtains, sleeping quilts, crib sheets, etc.

Easy to Carry

You can carry these muslin blankets for strollers in your vanity bag or diaper bag. The lightweight design is easy to carry with other essentials.


Muslin stroller blankets have a very simple one-piece construction. That’s why they last longer than any other products to use with strollers. You can keep an old stroller blankie to customize into something new later.
Type of Muslin Stroller Blanket 

Types of Blankets You Can Use as Muslin Stroller Blankets

 Now, we’re identifying which blankets can be used in a stroller to cover your little ones.

Stroller Blankets

Obviously, stroller blankets are the first choice to cover babies inside the stroller. A muslin stroller blanket fits well inside the baby carrier and keeps your baby cozy.

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets also weigh less. That’s why you can use plain swaddle blankets with the crib or stroller.

Throw Blankets

Muslin throw blankets are smaller than bed blankets. They work both indoors and outdoors. You can also use throw blankets instead of a stroller sheet or cover.

Car Seat Covers

Parents buy car seat canopies to protect babies from heat, cold breezes, dust, and germs. A car seat cover with simple making is also good for wrapping babies at outdoor conditions.


Muslin baby quilts are gorgeous. They have 3 breathable muslin layers to insulate heat. You can cover your baby with a muslin quilt during winter.

Different Uses of Muslin Stroller Blankets

Nowadays, any good muslin stroller blanket, can be used for many other purposes. Here are some common uses of stroller blankets apart from covering babies in strollers.

Covering Carriages

After using inside the stroller, this is the most common use of stroller blankets. Muslin fabric is capable of blocking sunlight, insulating heat, and ensuring breathability. That’s why you can use a stroller blanket to cover the car seat or cradle.

Swaddling Newborns

A big and simple stroller blanket is good for swaddling. You can swaddle your baby following your preferred method easily.

Helping to Sleep

Whether your baby is sleeping in a crib or bed, you can put a stroller blanket over their body. It is to keep them warm and cozy. Any muslin blanket is comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep.


You can also use muslin stroller blankets for privacy during breastfeeding. Besides, put the muslin blanket over the table to change your baby’s diaper or clothes.

Safe Playmate

If your baby has grown older and tries to roll or play on the ground or bed, you can use this stroller blanket. Don’t directly put your baby on the floor with toys. Instead, place the stroller blanket and let them play comfortably.

Protecting the Bedding

If you worry that your baby can make the muslin comforter dirty or damaged, use the stroller blanket before putting on the comforter. It can work like a fine duvet cover. You won’t have to make a cover at home.

Baby Stroller Blanket Size

The standard size of a muslin baby stroller blanket is 40 inches by 40 inches.
They are smaller than crib blankets, throw blankets, and swaddle blankets. But if the stroller blanket is also for swaddling or bed use, the size can be 47” X 47”.
Apart from that, some other multi-purpose stroller blankets can have a rectangular shape with 40” X 30” dimensions or more.

Can You Use the Muslin Stroller Blanket as a Sling?

You can use large stroller blankets as a DIY baby sling or carrier.
Muslin baby slings are a one-piece construction that can be worn over the chest to hold the baby against your body. You can use muslin slings to carry your baby while working, breastfeeding, etc.
If you don’t have the luxury of buying a separate blanket or sling cloth to carry your baby, you can use your old stroller blanket instead. A plain and big (around 47” X 47”) muslin stroller blanket can be folded and used as a temporary baby carrier or sling. Let’s show you how.

How Do You Use a Muslin Blanket as a Sling? 7 Step easy Method

1. First of all, get a large muslin swaddle or stroller blanket that is large in size. Fold the blanket and give it a triangular shape
2. Next, Take the two long corners and give a tight sailor’s knot. Watch this video above if you don’t know how to give a sailor’s knot.
3. Now, wear the blanket ring like a side bag. Make sure the remaining corner stays at the bottom.
4. After that, adjust the knot again for a tight and precise fit.
5. Take the remaining corner and bring it out from the inside. Then, tighten it over the sailor’s knot. Make sure the sailor’s knot is in front of you.
6. The pouch is now ready, put your baby slowly inside. Adjust the size of the pouch by pulling the knot.
7. To remove the sling, untie the knot and done.

Can You Wrap Your Baby with a Muslin Stroller Blanket?

You can wrap your baby with a muslin stroller blanket.
A muslin stroller blanket is a good baby wrap with a snug or loose fit. You can lay the blanket over the baby inside a stroller or crib. And tuck the blanket under the baby’s back gently.
But using swaddling methods to snug wrap your baby is tough with the stroller blanket. The first reason is most muslin stroller blankets are smaller than swaddle blankets. Second, the stroller blanket can have stretchable muslin fabric. Stretchable fabrics aren’t good for swaddling.
So, you can use the stroller blanket for swaddle bags only when the blanket is large and non-stretchy. Instead of using it as a cover or throwing blanket with the stroller.
Otherwise, you can wrap your baby simply by tucking the extra parts of the blankie under the body. It stays like a loose and comfy layer where babies can move easily. Whereas swaddle bags will tightly hold the limbs of the baby in position.
Thus, you can use the muslin stroller blanket for either normal wrap or stroller wrap. It depends on your preference and blanket features.

Stroller Blanket VS Swaddle Blanket

We often mix stroller blankets with swaddle blankets. Although most swaddle blankets can be used as stroller blankets. Still, you should know some differences.
Stroller Blanket
  • Can have multiple layers
  • Fabric may stretch
  • Comes in square or rectangular shape
  • Average price is around 15$
  • Can have add-ons (fleece or lace) for a good look
Swaddle Blanket
  • Only have a single layer
  • Fabric won’t stretch
  • Comes in a square shape
  • Average price is more than 10$
  • Barely have any fleece or lace

Stroller Blanket VS Car Seat Cover

Now, let’s see what are the key differences between stroller blankets and car seat covers.
Stroller Blankets
  • Have a plain construction
  • Don’t have any hooks or straps
  • Can have more than 1 layer
  • Can be used as swaddle blankets, throw blankets, canopy covers, etc.
  • Average price range is around 15 $
Car Seat Covers
  • Have one opening for access to the baby
  • Have hooks, straps, or snaps
  • Don’t have more than 1 layer mostly
  • Can be used as nursing covers or burp clothes
  • Average price range is more than 15 $

Comparison Table

Stroller BlanketCar Seat Cover
Fabric StretchCan be presentNot required
DesignNot too many designsCan come with heavy designs
BreathabilityBreathableBreathable by opening the window
UsabilityStroller, bed, canopy, floor, swaddling, etc.Canopy, swaddle, floor, etc. 

Pro Tips to Keep Babies Warm in a Stroller

Remember these pro tips in mind to keep your baby warm and cozy inside a stroller.
  • Instead of making your baby wear multiple clothes, use thick but simple construction clothing like a muslin romper.
  • Don’t use large bed blankies. Instead, use small or medium-size blankets in the stroller. Otherwise, the stroller becomes congested.
  • Don’t use any blankets with fillings. They can warm babies quickly but they are very heavy.
  • Don’t use hoodies. Instead of that, you can use an additional hat to cover the ears of the baby.
  • If possible, tuck the blanket around the stroller so that cold air doesn’t go inside the blanket.


Where to Buy best muslin stroller blankets?

Where to Buy best muslin stroller blankets?

There are a lot of options from where you can buy the best muslin stroller blankets. You can buy from Amazon, etsy and other reputed stores.

See the brand reputation, high-quality material, organic certification, size, customer service and user reviews while purchasing. You should read our buying guide best muslin stroller blankets before buying. It saves a lot of time & money!

How to care Muslin Stroller Blanket ? Pro Tips

The longevity and performance of a stroller blanket depend on how you take care of it. 

Here are some expert care tips you should follow. 

For Machine Wash

  • Remove stains by using hands and liquid detergent. Don’t use the max mode of your washing machine to remove stains.
  • Put your washing machine in the basic or slow washing mode. 
  • Use mild detergent to clean muslin blankets.

For Manual Wash

  • As said, remove stains before washing.
  • Take a large bowl and pour mild hot water. Then, mix safe detergents.
  • Now, put the muslin blanket in the water and rinse gently.

For Drying

  • Put washed muslin fabrics under sunlight after squeezing off all the water. 
  • It’s best to avoid dryers for baby muslin bedding
  • But if you want, you can put the machine dryer in a low setting to dry muslin stroller blankets.

For Ironing

  • Place a thin cotton cloth over the washed muslin stroller sheet. 
  • Put the iron in a low or mid setting. 
  • Start pressing the iron without too much force.

Special Notes

  • Don’t put other clothes in the bucket or machine muslin fabrics. They can absorb colors from other fabrics.
  • You should not leave any stains. Remove them before washing and drying.


Why do people put blankets over strollers?
People use blankets over strollers to protect babies from germs, sunlight, dust, and cold air. You need to keep your baby warm and cozy so that they don’t get sick after going outside.
How do I keep my newborn cool in a stroller?
To keep your baby cool and dry in a stroller, you need to use a roomy stroller first. Then, put light and breathable clothes on your baby. You better use a thin muslin stroller blankie or stroller cover along with the stroller.
Why you should use stroller blankets over stroller covers?
Stroller covers can protect from sunlight or cold more than stroller blankets. But they can overheat the inside of the stroller. That’s why you should use stroller blankets that maintain the right body temperature along with protecting the baby.
What are some potential risks associated with using muslin blankets over a stroller?
If you don’t pick the right type of stroller blanket you can make your baby uncomfortable. Babies’ body temperature changes quickly. So, too light or too heavy blankets can make your baby ill. Also, heavier blankets can block natural breathing.

Final Thoughts: Muslin Stroller Blanket

Now you can understand the importance and benefits of muslin stroller blankets. Muslin stroller blankets are comparatively safer, efficient among other fabric wraps for babies.
Not just these, you can make your baby wear any type of clothing with the muslin blanket for strollers. Having a muslin blanket eases your life as a parent. The versatile blankets are answers to several questions regarding your baby’s comfort.
So, don’t hesitate to invest money in buying the best muslin stroller blanket. It will be a wise move for both yourself and your little one.

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